Cook Healthy, Stay Healthy – Tips for Healthy Cooking

With research findings indicating that most of the diseases and health conditions we suffer have a direct relation to the kind of foods and drinks we consume, it is only important that we take great care selecting and preparing our foods and drinks. To make foods beneficial to our bodies, you do not need to cook food for the sake of it. You need to cook food that is nutritious and tasty. This way, your body will be able to acquire all the nutrients necessary for normal body processes that keep you going.

Tips for Healthy Cooking

Use the following healthy cooking tips to cook healthy food for your own and family’s good:


Your healthy cooking starts with your shopping. While shopping, consider buying low fat foodstuffs. Buy milk, cheese, yoghurt and salad dressings. Do not buy any meat but rather go for lean meat instead.


Consider buying culinary herbs instead of artificial flavors. Culinary herbs are leafy plants that add flavor and color to your cooking food. You can actually use them to replace salt and oil, regardless of the kind of food you cook. You have the option of buying dried or fresh culinary herbs. In buying herbs, remember that dried herbs are strong in flavor compared to fresh herbs. Consider buying such herbs as garlic, chilli, lemongrass and coriander.

Spray The Fat

While cooking, keep fats to a minimum level. Use very little amount of fat. If possible and when available, use natural fats obtained from nuts, soy, fish, olives and avocado. In your low-fat cooking, consider spraying fat onto the food instead of putting the food into the fat.

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Steaming is Best

You may need to consider your cooking method. It will be healthy if you steam, bake, grill, braise, boil or microwave your foods.

Eat Raw

On every cooking occasion, consider preparing vegetables and legumes apart from the main meal. Certain vegetables do not need to be cooked; you can serve them raw.

Buy Wholegrain

In cooking sandwiches, use wholegrain cereals. These are very healthy. Include various tasty ingredients that eliminate the need to use butter. If you need to spread something on your sandwiches, consider cheese or avocado spreads.

Don’t Overcook

Cooking of vegetables calls for due diligence and care. This is because vegetables take only a few minutes to be ready. Overcooking the same simply destroys the water-soluble vitamins. To preserve the vitamins and other nutrients, consider scrubbing vegetables instead of peeling. This is because the nutrients are found close to the skin. Never boil vegetables, microwave or steam them instead.

Cooking a healthy meal is not the end of cooking. Your cooking ends with serving the food and enjoying it. You need to spend some time decorating the food and presenting it. The visual appeal will enhance the quality and taste of your food. Proper eating techniques are necessary in order to enjoy your food. Take your time to eat by doing it slowly. Remember that proper digestion start in the mouth and for this reason, ensure that you crash all the food before swallowing.

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