Eat Eggs Daily – 10 Health & Beauty Benefits

What comes to your mind whenever eggs are mentioned? It has been said for a long time that eating too much eggs is unhealthy because of the risk of having high cholesterol, which is associated with the occurrence of various diseases including heart disease. The thing here is eating too many eggs. Why should you eat many eggs in the first place? Your aim should always be to eat enough that supplies your body with the necessary nutrients.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are very nutritious and can replace the usual breakfast foods such as butter and doughnuts. Below are some of the health benefits of eggs:

  • Prevent Degeneration of Eye Muscles – Eggs are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two very important carotenoids that are very important in preventing muscular degeneration in the eyes. Your body receives these nutrients easily from eggs than any other food. Eating eggs therefore is one way of preventing degeneration of eye muscles, in effect preventing the occurrence of varied eye ailments. In one scientific health study, researchers found that those who ate at least an egg in a day did not develop cataracts even in old age, possibly because of the two carotenoids.
  • Prevent Occurence of Diseases – Eggs contain high-quality proteins that are necessary for varied body processes. In addition, eggs contain all the Nine essential amino acids, which are very effective in preventing the occurrence of diseases such as heart attacks, stroke. The amino acids help in preventing blood clots that lead to heart disease.
  • Regulates Brain, Heart & Nervous System activities – Eggs contain choline, a very important nutrient that regulates activities within your brain, in your nervous system and in your cardiovascular system.
  • Contains Healthy Fat – Contrary to popular belief, eggs contain healthy fat. Of the 5 grams of fat contained in an egg, only 1.5 grams is saturated fat (harmful). The rest is healthy and necessary for varied body processes.
  • Rich in Vital Vitamins & Minerals – Eggs are rich in varied vitamins and minerals. In particular, eggs contain sulphur that is very important in having healthy nails and hair. Eating eggs leads to faster growth of health and smooth hair. In addition, eggs happen to be one of the very few foods that contain natural vitamin D.
  • Reduces Breast Cancer Risk – In one scientific study, it was found that women who eat eggs on a regular basis showed a low risk of having breast cancer. Although the study is not yet completed, the benefit is certainly appreciated.
  • Weight Loss Food – Eggs have been found to be very effective for weight loss. Eating egg york every morning aids in achieving fast weight loss.
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Beauty Benefits of Eggs

Eggs do not only provide health benefits. Eggs have varied beauty benefits. You can use eggs in various ways as a beauty product:

  • To prevent or fight wrinkles – Eggs are very effective in preventing the occurrence of wrinkles. Prepare an egg mask by whipping egg white and adding a reasonable amount of honey and lemon juice. Using a smooth brush, apply the mixture to your skin, including facial skin. Leave the mask on until it dries. You will have tightened, even, smooth and wrinkle-free skin if you embark on a routine of doing this once in a week.
  • As a moisturizer – Eggs contain high-quality proteins, cholesterol and nutrients. These are very effective as moisturizers. Whip egg white and add a little yoghurt and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your hair, ensuring that it gets your scalp. Leave on for several hours before washing and shampooing. You will not only have silky (shiny) hair but moisturized scalp without dandruff.

Eat them not only to keep fit but also to stay healthy. In addition, take great care of your hair and skin and continue looking young.

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