10 Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Honey

Honey is produced by honey bee colonies after collecting nectar from varied flowers in the field. The honey bees produce honey and store it in beeswax as food, which they feed on during cold weather or when there is reduced food sources. Because different regions of the world have different flora and fauna, the quality, taste, color and texture of honey produced in different parts of the world differ greatly. However, a standard honey grading system is in place that indicates the accepted quality, color taste and texture of what can be considered as universal honey. This is achieved by blending various types of honey produced in the different parts of the world.

Health Benefits of Honey

Health benefits of honey go beyond its great taste. Some of the health benefits are listed below:

1. Energy Source

This is one great benefit of honey. It is a natural source of carbohydrates, which provide our bodies with the necessary energy for the undertaking of everyday tasks. The world-beating long-distance runners from Kenya and Ethiopia are known to come from parts of their countries where natural honey is harvested from the field and consumed. Honey prevents muscle fatigue, thereby increasing performance and endurance. Honey is a great energy booster as it contains glucose, which is quickly absorbed by the body and provide immediate energy.

2. Immune System Enhancer

The body’s immune system is a natural defense system that detects and destroys disease-causing organisms once they enter the body. Honey contains antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties that not only destroy such organisms but also helps the digestive system. This in effect enhances the body’s immune system, putting it in a good position to fight infections.

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3. Cancer prevention

This is perhaps one of the greatest honey benefits. Honey contains carcinogen and anti- cancer properties that do not only help in preventing tumor growth but also fights and destroys cancer cells in the body.

4. Medication

Honey has been used for decades as medication. It is very effective in treating sore throats and coughs. This is attributed to its antimicrobial properties. It acts by killing the bacteria that cause infection within the throat. Apart from its use as medication for throat problems, honey is a very good throat soother.  A combination of lemon and honey does the trick.

5. Anti-Sleeplessness

Sleep is very important to the body. It is during sleep that the body rests with some natural body processes taking place. For one reason or another, one may have sleepless nights that can cause health problems such as stress and depression. Honey has been noted to induce sleep.

Beauty Benefits of Honey

Although various honey combinations are available commercially that one can use to address health problems, one can also make his/her own combinations at home and use. The following are some of the beauty benefits from honey:

  • Cinnamon and Honey treatment remedy – A mixture of cinnamon and honey is good for health. This mixture forms a combination that is effective in preventing hair loss and eliminating bad breath.
  • Milk and Honey mixture – This is the best honey for the skin remedies available. Drinking this combination produces a smooth and healthy skin free of blemishes. In addition, the mixture improves the digestion system.
  • Weight Loss remedy – Honey and health are inseparable. Excess weight presents many health risks and one wishing to reduce weight can use a mixture of lemon and honey as a weight loss beauty tip diet.
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Many beauty tips for skin have been provided by various skin professionals. However, the importance of honey has for unknown reasons left out. Honey contains varied medicinal properties that have a positive effect both on the inside and on the body. One can use honey beauty tips to ensure not only a healthy skin but also on hair.

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