Snack Healthier – Low On Calories, High On Nutrition

Any food or drink that you consume in between regular meals can be considered as snacks. Traditionally, it was common for one to prepare his/her own snack at home. Such were mostly leftover foodstuffs. The situation however changed with commercialization of the same. As food companies came to realize how much profit they could make from manufacturing and selling snacks, they began to produce varied snacks and availed the same through various food stores. These became very popular with consumers and as a result, many people opted to replace main meals with simple snacks, with serious effects.

Avoid Processes Snacks

Most processed snacks were and still are made up of one plain cereal or pasta, with preservatives and sweeteners added. The consumption of snacks has been linked to several health problems including obesity and malnutrition. This is because most processed snacks do not have any nutritional value. For this reason, various health authorities in different jurisdictions have advised consumers and particularly parents to take care while buying snacks for their children. Most snacks are therefore considered junk foods, which can present health risks especially to those overweight.

This does not, in any way, mean that all snacks are bad and that you should avoid them altogether. Healthier snacks are very good for your body. You can consume healthier snacks to help in reducing your weight in case you are overweight. Healthier snacks also come in handy in case you suffer from an illness that requires your stomach to be full most of the time. If you are used to undertaking energy-demanding work on a regular basis, then healthier snacks are necessary to supply your body with the necessary energy.

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How to Choose a Healthier Snack

In choosing healthier snacks, go for those that are high in nutrient density. It is good that snacks are properly labeled to allow you make the best choice(s). Alternatively, take your time to prepare your own snacks at home. Snacks are portable and you can prepare and store the same to eat at work or while on a journey. Preparing the same only takes minutes. In preparing your snacks, ensure that it is nutritious enough. Use a cereal high on calories if you will spend a lot of energy at work. If your snack need is simply to fill your stomach, ensure that the amount of cereal is minimal. Include fruits and vegetables to provide for vitamins and minerals. You do not need to overcook vegetables; doing so will simply destroy the vital nutrients.

Apart from supplying your body with the requisite energy, vitamins and minerals, eating a well thought out and prepared snack regularly has the capacity to increase your body’s immune system. You will not be susceptible to common illnesses such as flu. You will also reduce the risk of serious illnesses. Some of the best snacks that you can buy from a food outlet or prepare on your own include:

  •   Non-fat Cottage Cheese – This will provide your body with energy.
  •   Frozen Grapes – Apart from vitamins, your body will receive healthy bacteria useful in certain body processes.
  •   Protein Bars – Your body will receive enough protein that is useful in various body processes.
  •   Orange Slices – Full of vitamins, minerals and vital acids.
  •   Broccoli Florets – Full of vitamins and minerals.
  •   Toast with Peanut Butter – Full of calories.
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These are just some of the snacks that you can prepare at home and consume at work or while traveling. You can prepare your own variation using food ingredients available at your locality so long as they are healthy.

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