Top 5 Foods for Beautiful Skin

The first step to an impressive personality is the radiant and attractive skin. A beautiful and glowing skin can be yours not by expensive cosmetics but by following a healthy diet. There is probably nothing better than the irresistible feeling of possessing a beautiful flawless skin.

Well the secret to a beautiful skin is quite simple. A well balanced diet and a proper care can make your skin as glowing as a film star. Beauty is skin deep. You therefore need to have a healthy skin from within.

Important Facts about Skin Nutrients

  • Wrinkles and ageing can be delayed by Vitamin C
  • Antioxidants protect the skin from injurious solar radiations.
  • Fatty acids help the skin to retain its vital moisture
  • Vitamin A is helpful in skin repair and regeneration.
  • Selenium is helpful in skin rejuvenation.
  • The texture of your skin is enhanced by omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Vitamin B and rutin also make the skin healthy.


Top 5 Skin Healthy Foods

Here are mentioned top five foods that are extremely vital for a healthy and impeccable skin.

1. Vital Vegetables

Since the times immemorial, vegetables are known to have positive impact on the skin. They are effective in keeping then skin supple and moisturized.

The vegetables contain beta carotene that is known for its role in curing acne and making the epidermis healthy.

Vegetables like spinach, broccoli and carrots are known to do wonders for the skin.

2. Soothing Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C present in the citrus fruits is excellent for maintaining skin integrity and viability. The ageing process is retarded and helps skin healing.

Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, sweet lime, grapes, and cherries are imperative to provide the skin with adequate nourishment.

3. Nutitious  Nuts

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Nuts are a rich source of natural Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. They protect the skin form harmful solar radiation and also keep the skin supple. Anti-oxidants combat the free radicals and protect your skin form any wear and tear.

Nuts like walnut, pistachio and almonds keep your outer covering supple and glowing.

4. Fantastic Wholegrain

Wholegrains contain rutin and vitamin B complex that are essential for balancing skin moisture and prevent it from becoming scaly and dry.

The fibre present in the wholegrains keeps the digestive system healthy. It also removes the harmful free radicals from your body.

5. Supple Seafood

Seafoods brilliantly tackle conditions like inflammation and skin dryness by enhancing blood circulation.

Seafoods like shell fishes, salmon, oysters, etc play an important role in acquiring a young epidermis. They improve the skin texture and tone.

An important Tip

Try to avoid the beverages from your daily consumption and drink a lot of water. Follow regular exercises and have a proper sleep. Your lifestyle should be a healthy one as your skin reflects it.

Remember to include healthy food in your diet and notice the results. Your skin will become radiant and shiny. This is the best road to achieve the skin you always dreamed of!!!

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