Different Types Of Pepper You Should Know About

Could you think of a hot and spicy dish without a dash of pepper? It is absolutely impossible! Peppers are the most significant ingredient used for seasoning foods just after salt. However, there are different types of pepper available in the market. Some of them are detailed here:

Hot jalapeno peppers

One of the most popular as well as generously used peppers is jalapeno pepper. These medium-sized hot peppers basically belong to the capsicum family and are used for cooking while they are green or unripe. Lots of hot and spicy items such as pickles, jams, and mixed drinks are made with jalapeno peppers. You can also serve these with tortilla chips as well as nachos. Meat, cheese, or even sea food stuffed jalapenos are also very delicious. However, sometimes seasoned jalapeno peppers are smoked in order to convert them into chipotle peppers.

Essential black peppers

These peppers are actually the fruits of the tree named ‘black pepper’ and are called ‘peppercorns’. They are excellent for flavoring as well as seasoning several dishes and are generally dried before using. It is the second most important item for seasoning. Whole black peppercorns are wonderful to spice up foods, while crushed peppercorns are used in salads for seasoning, and ground peppercorns are used in cooking main dishes.

Piquant cayenne peppers

Cayenne peppers are also well-known as ‘bird pepper’, ‘horn pepper’, ‘aleva’, and ‘cow guinea spice’. These red, hot peppers are dried and ground to form powder, and are used in a very little amount for flavoring dishes. However, cayenne peppers are not only used for gastronomic purposes. They are full of several vital vitamins as well as minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, and manganese, and therefore also possess some valuable medicinal properties.  Cayenne pepper is even considered to be one of the best libido enhancing elements.

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Sweet bell peppers

Bell pepper or ‘capsicum’ is quite different from the aforementioned types of peppers, and hence they are also called ‘sweet pepper’. You can find them in various colors like green, yellow, red, orange, and even purple. Among all the varieties, red bell peppers are considered to be the sweetest one. Although red bell peppers are more expensive than their green versions, the vitamin and mineral contents in it are much higher than the later. So, they are definitely healthier and are used for flavoring dishes.

Popular pink peppercorns

Both black peppercorns and pink peppercorns are almost alike in size. However, the name ‘pink peppercorn’ clearly states that they are slightly pinkish red in color. They are actually the fruits of the plant Schinus molle, and are dried well before using in Thai and French cooking.


Rarely used banana peppers

As the name suggests, banana pepper is a certain type of pepper that completely resemble a banana in shape as well as in size. These peppers are included in the chili pepper family, and are not so commonly used. There are lots of varieties in colors of banana peppers, and four colors in which they are found mostly are red, yellow, green and orange respectively. While making spicy sandwiches or preparing pickles, these banana peppers can be used to add a different taste.

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