Early Menopause – How To Prevent It?

Early or premature menopause is a problem that some women experience. Studies show that one out of every hundred women encounter this unfortunate problem, which cuts short their plans just at the point when they are planning to get married and have their own families. Unlike in normal menopause age of about 50 years, premature menopause sets in early in life, mid 30’s in some women. Caused by various factors including unhealthy lifestyle, heredity, poor diet, medical disorders and medications, early menopause symptoms are the same as those experienced by women who attain menopause age of 50 years. Because the effect of early menopause, it is only good that you take prevention measures. Note that although you are likely to experience some of the symptoms of menopause early in your life, you may not link the same to menopause because of your age.

Some of the preventive measures you need to take include:

  • Smoking – Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemical, the most dangerous of these being nicotine. Apart from presenting other health risks in your body, nicotine interferes with the production of estrogen in your ovaries, leading to early menopause. While nicotine addiction can be a challenge to deal with, the good thing is that help is always available. What you need to do is have a resolve to stop smoking and develop a strong will power. Stopping to smoke and avoiding excess drinking of alcohol is a sure and effective way to stop menopause, in addition to living a healthy life.
  • Diet – Your health and well-being definitely depends on your kind of diet. A poor diet naturally leads to an unhealthy life because your body fails to receive vital life-sustaining nutrients. The production of various body hormones including estrogen depends on the nutrients your body receives. These include vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. A poor diet without or with inadequate supply of these nutrients means that your estrogen levels will decline, leading to early menopause. Consuming an estrogen rich diet thus, a healthy diet that is low in fats is an effective way of not only preventing premature menopause but can also reverse the same. If you suspect that your body is not receiving adequate supply of nutrients, you need to consider using estrogen supplements such as Remifemin.
  • Exercises – Unbelievably, exercises do not only keep you physically fit. By exercising, you help your body get rid of waste products faster, leaving body cells performing their functions as designed. More so, exercises relieve stress that can interfere with normal production of estrogen. This is an effective way to stop menopause early in your life.
  • Medical checkups – Certain medical conditions and disorders interfere with the production of hormones, causing early menopause. It is very important to go for medical checkups so that any present medical condition can be managed properly. By doing this, you will be arresting the impact of any condition that can cause menopause. It is during medical checkups that you can request for tests for menopause in case you have experienced first sign of menopause, which can be irregular or missed menstrual flow or hot flashes. Your doctor or health care provider will most likely recommend for the establishment of your blood follicle-stimulating hormone levels (FSH). In case you are diagnosed with early menopause, various menopause treatment options are available which your doctor may recommend.
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Even though menopause treatment options are available, note that they have their own side effects. In any case, it is always better to prevent rather than cure. The above help for menopause are not only effective in preventing the onset of early menopause but also help attain overall health. Rather than wait search relief for menopause, take necessary measures to help you avoid premature menopause at all costs.

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