8 Essential Immunizations For Healthy Women

What comes to your mind when you hear of immunization? Does your mind switch to whether your baby has completed all the necessary immunization schedules or not? Well, while it is very important to ensure that your baby is fully immunized, take note that you too need to be immunized to protect yourself against the common health conditions you are likely to suffer from in your lifetime. Being a woman increases the need for immunization, considering the fact that women face a lot of diseases and illnesses when compared to men. Generally, immunization fortifies your body’s immune system, making it strong and effective in combating identified diseases or illnesses. Although there are several ways through which immunization can be undertaken, the most common is through vaccination.

Following are some of the very important immunization vaccines that you should receive in case you have not done so:

Influenza vaccination

Influenza vaccine is one of the important vaccines you should receive. In some jurisdictions where influenza virus infections are high and frequent, including flu, annual vaccinations are undertaken. All persons from the age of six months to adults of 65 years are vaccinated to protect themselves against the virus. Different types of vaccinations are used including activated and inactivated vaccines.

Measles vaccination

Generally, adults do not frequently suffer from measles as children. Previously, adults born before 1957 in most jurisdictions were excepted from this vaccination but since most people (you are certainly included) were born after 1957, it is a requirement in most jurisdictions that you receive two doses of the vaccine. This vaccination is not only effective in preventing measles but mumps and rubella as well.

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Chickenpox vaccination

Most women are likely to have received vaccination against chickenpox when you were a child (same with measles vaccination). However, you may need to go for another dose to fortify your immune system against the causative organism.

Hepatitis A vaccination

This vaccination is very necessary if you are a lesbian, working in a country or in an area with high incidents of hepatitis A infection, if you have chronic liver disease or if you need to protect yourself against hepatitis A infection.

Hepatitis B vaccination

This vaccine is vital if you are sexually active with short-term sexual relationships, if you frequently suffer from STD’s, if your job exposes you to blood or body fluids (medical personnel), if you have chronic liver disease, infected with HIV virus or if you generally want to protect yourself against hepatitis B infection.

Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) vaccination

This is one vaccine you need to receive as a woman. In most jurisdictions, it is mandatory for all women to receive this vaccination, including girls as young as 11 years. Young girls are bound to receive a second and third dose a few months apart.

Tetanus vaccination

All women should certainly get Tetanus vaccination if they are childbearing or handle children. Although you may have been immunized during childhood, you need to receive another dose as a booster. This vaccine also provides protection against diphtheria and acellular pertussis.

Varicella vaccination

You need to receive a second dose of Varicella vaccination in case you had earlier received one dose or if you are not sure. It is vital in case you are a health care provider exposed to persons with severe health conditions that can affect your own immunity, if you work in a crowded place such as schools and correctional facilities.

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Herpes Zoster vaccination

You need this vaccination if you are over 60 years or if you have a chronic medical condition.

Depending on your jurisdiction, these are just some of the immunization vaccines you need to receive. While some of them may not be mandatory in your country, note that you will be required to receive any if you travel internationally, where you will only be allowed entry upon proving that you have received appropriate vaccination.

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