15 Amazing Eye Care Tips for Working Women

Your eyes are not only precious; they are a perfect gift. Vision is vital in accomplishing your everyday tasks. It is only important that you take care of your eyes properly so that they can serve you better. While you need to undertake various measures to have beautiful and attractive eyes, you need to do more as a working woman. It is a fact that any kind of work you are involved in affects your eyes in one way or another. Even looking at a TV set has its effects and it is only important that you undertake measures to eliminate or minimize such effects, which can lead to health problems when left unaddressed.

The measures you take should ideally aim at relieving any stress that builds up in your eyes in the course of work. Such stress leads to tiredness of eyes. Giving your eyes exercises is also vital because you will not only relieve stress but relax the supportive nerves and blood vessels as well. Eye exercises lead to improved mechanical stability of your eyes, which in turn leads to proper eye coordination and eye muscle strength. In addition, eye exercises improve optical functionality; you end up with improved optical image coordination and focus. Below are some tips that can help you in having relaxed and stress-free eyes as a working woman:

  • Palm Exercise – While working, occasionally rub your palms together until they become warm. Cup your eyes with the warm palms before continuing with work. Cupping your eyes not only makes them relax but soothes as well.
  • Eye Rolling – Make it a routine to make extreme horizontal and vertical eye movements every 30 minutes while working. This has the effect of eliminating any buildup of tiredness.
  • Eye Relaxation Technique – Take a few moments to look far and near in rapid succession. This is a very effective eye relaxation technique.
  • Keep Distance when Reading – When reading anything, give a distance of at least one foot between your eyes and the reading material to prevent tiredness.
  • Lubricate Eyes – Make it a routine to carry a moisturizing or lubricating eye drop to work, especially if you are on a computer most of the time. Use the same once or twice a day to prevent eye tiredness.
  • Flexibility Exercise – Occasionally keep your thumb at a distance from your face but in line with your nose. Focus both your eyes on the thumb while bringing the thump slowly to your nose, maintaining the focus. This eye exercise increases flexibility.
  • Focus Exercise – For better and increased focus, look at a distant object while blinking rapidly for number of times. You will be amazed with results you will obtain.
  • Blink Frequently – Looking at a computer or any other object for long while working reduces blink rate. This leads to dry eyes, which causes tiredness and stress. To avoid this make it a routine to blink frequently while working.
  • Water Splash – Make it a routine to splash water on your eyes during working break to make them moisturized and refreshed.
  • Take a Walk – To increase blood supply to your eyes, make it a routine to take a walk outside the office. This is not only beneficial to your eyes but also to your body and mind.
  • Use Anti-glare Glasses – When using a computer most of the time, consider fixing an anti-glare glass on the screen to minimize glare.
  • Sun Protection – Wearing specs can go along way in reducing stress to your eyes. It will be important to select specs that can also benefit you while walking in the sun.
  • Diet – It will be pointless to undertake consider the above tips without paying attention to your diet. Ensure that your regular diet is composed of foods rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. These are vital for healthy eyes.
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Note that you may not experience or notice any work-related problems to your eyes because such occur gradually. As a working woman, it is important to prevent such effects in addition to maintaining your regular eye care routine.

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