5 Famous Women who Survived Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one major health problem that women have to deal with. Although some men have also been diagnosed with the disease, it is particularly common in women. Breast cancer originates from breast tissue. The disease presents such symptoms as a lump in the breast that is different from other breast tissue. Other symptoms include changes in breast size, shape and nipple inversion.

Although the cause of breast cancer is mainly a result of inappropriate cell division, there are risk factors associated with the disease. Such include being female, age, lack of breastfeeding, high hormone levels, race, smoking and iodine deficiency. There are various breast cancer treatment methods including chemotherapy medications, radiation and surgery.

Unlike before when breast cancer treatment options were limited, breast cancer is now not a death sentence. This is clearly attested by the large number of women who have been diagnosed with the disease and continue to live normal lives, having survived the same. Some of the famous women include:

  • Barbara Allen

    A graduate of Mount Vernon College and University of Missouri-Kansas law School, Barbara was elected to Kansas House in 1988 and to the Senate in 2000 on Republican Part ticket. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. After twelve rounds of chemotherapy, thirty-three radiation treatments and surgery, her doctors announced that they could not detect breast cancer in her.


  • Eileen Atkins

    Born Eileen June Atkins in 1934, Eileen is a famous English actress and screenwriter. She was heavily involved in television work in active life, creating various television series. She also appeared on Broadway many occasions including in Frank Marcus’ The Killing of Sister George in 1966. Being diagnosed with breast cancer did not cut short her acting career, being honored by the British authorities by being created Commander of the British Empire (CBE) and later Dame Commander (DBE) in 2001.


  • Agnes Chan

    Chan is not only a famous for her pop singing and as a television personality. She is an accomplished academician as well. She is actually now known for her academic work than for her singing prowess. She holds a Doctorate degree in education and is involved with various organizations and institutions including the Japan Committee for UNICEF. Chan successfully underwent breast cancer surgery in 2007 after being diagnosed with disease earlier.


  • Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai

    Born in 1945, Fan is the most famous Chinese women having been the first woman to be the president of the Legislative Council of Honk Kong. She is also a member of the Hong Kong delegation to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China. Fan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and underwent successful surgery. She is currently the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.

  • Nancy Reagan

    Born Anne Frances Robbins in 1921, Nancy married Ronald Regan who later became US president in 1981 when he was elected president. On exiting office and with Alzheimer’s disease, Nancy devoted her time to caring for her ailing husband. Known to have been one of the most influential and powerful first ladies the US has ever had, Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987. She chose to undergo mastectomy and her breast was removed the same year.

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