Foods Rich In Fiber And Their Advantages

Dietary fiber or roughage is not digested by human digestive system and hence is eliminated by the body as undigested waste materials. However, fibers have lots of potentials that are stripped off by our body before excretion.

Important benefits of foods rich in fiber

Our daily diet should contain a certain amount of fiber as it has several great health advantages. The benefits that come along with foods rich in fiber are listed below:

  • Having soluble fiber is an outstanding remedy to keep a number of cardiovascular disorders at bay.
  • Foodstuffs full of insoluble fibers prevent diabetes as well as intestinal disorders.
  • Fiber keeps our digestive tract clean and healthy by sending the undigested food parts out of it.
  • Intake of sufficient fiber helps us maintain a standard level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in our body.
  • Consuming fiber regularly helps us stay away from severe diseases such as gall stones, kidney stones, colon cancer etc.
  • Those who are worried about their weight loss can depend on fibers to a great extent.
  • Fiber also restrains the craving for foods and controls excessive food indulgence.

In order to maintain a well-balanced diet, we need to take various foods rich in fiber. Here is a list of those vital foods:

Essential bran

It is impossible to talk about fiber-rich foods without mentioning bran at first. Amongst all types of foods available in the market that are full of dietary fiber, bran is the most appreciated one. It not only contains a lot of fiber but also holds a fair quantity of vitamins like vitamin B6 as well as minerals such as magnesium. All these nutrients are crucial to obtain a strong and healthy body. You can get large amounts of bran in oats, corn, whole grain breads, bucket wheat, rye etc.

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Dark chocolate and cocoa powder

Does the word ‘chocolate’ make you afraid of putting on lots of weight rapidly? Have you ever been advised by your physician to avoid all types of yummy and delightful chocolates? Well, here is a great excuse for you to gorge on dark chocolates as well as cocoa powder. There are certain types of chocolates or more precisely the darker, baked varieties rather than the milky ones that come with loads of fiber. Moreover, you will also get benefited from the iron, potassium and other vital nutritional element contents of them.

Healthy soybeans

It is a well-known fact that soybeans have high levels of sodium which makes us prone to high blood pressure or hypertension. Hence, you might get surprised to find them in this list of fiber-rich foods. However, some specific varieties of soybeans such as the dry, roasted ones are considerably low in sodium content. Moreover, they can provide you with enough amount of dietary fiber. So, you can enjoy this tasty, crunchy and of course healthy snack at any time of the day.

Several other fiber-rich foods

Apart from the aforementioned food items, there are a lot of other simple yet good sources of dietary fiber that can be included in our daily diet easily. Consuming fresh vegetables like broccoli, beans, lentils, black beans, black eyed peas, split peas, artichokes etc.; variety of seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, chestnuts, almonds, dried coconuts etc.; fresh apples as well as other whole fruits and sesame butter are considered as excellent ways of gaining fibers.

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