Top 5 Health & Beauty Secrets of Olives

Olive trees initially grew in Turkey before spreading to the greater Mediterranean region and beyond. The trees have a very rich history and were used in various application including traditional and religious rituals. Olive trees are hardy and drought resistant. These features have seen olive trees grow and exist for over 2000 years. From the Mediterranean region, olive trees are now grown in different parts of the world for commercial purposes. The trees feature silvery grey-green leaves that are not only beautiful but also valuable. Two types of olive trees exist; the fruiting and none-fruiting varieties. While the fruiting variety is the most cultivated for its varied benefits, the none-fruiting variety is cultivated for its ornamental value. Fruiting olives are cultivated for wood, olive leaf, olive fruit and olive oil.

  • Olive leaves – Olive leaves are rich in bioflavonoid and antioxidants. The leaves are pound to make a paste, which is dipped into hot water to produce a tisane. The drink is very effective in calming nerves and relieving stress. Honey is usually added into the mixture to make the taste palatable. Olive leaves tisane is one of the best remedies for dry skin. The leaf tisane contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
  • Olive barks – As with olive leaves, the bark of olive tree is pound and mixed with warm water to make olive tisane. Drinking tisane helps in eliminating irregular heartbeat. The tisane also contains antimicrobial properties and therefore effective in combating infections.
  • Food – Although harvested olives are bitter to taste, they are cured in various ways to make them palatable. They can be eaten raw as food and are very rich in vitamin E, iron, copper, saturated fats and dietary fiber.
  • Skin treatment – Benefits of olive oil for skin cannot be underestimated. It is included as beauty tips for skin. This is because of its positive effect on the skin. Organic olive oil contains varied vitamins and minerals that if applied topically on the skin leads to healthy skin free of any bacteria and fungi, allowing for the growth of healthy hair. Olive oil for skin is also suitable for use as oil for body. Apart from oil for skin, other products for skin manufacturers include olive oil for skin in their products as an ingredient to make them best for skin. In particular, skin and beauty products used as anti aging for skin contain ample amounts of olive oils.
  • Hair treatment – Apart from its use for skin, benefit of olive oil extends to the hair. Oil for hair treatment is formulated in a special way and olive oil on hair does not only allow for a dandruff-free scalp but encourages healthy hair growth as well. The varied nutrients that olive oil hair contains encourages long hair growth and elimination of hair loss problems.
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Benefits of olive oil are many and not restricted to the above. Olive nutrition is often recommended by nutritionists for good skin. Olive nutrition is not only best for combating dry skin problem but also for oil cleansing. Olive oil cleansing aids in the prevention and elimination of varied diseases and conditions. Olive nutrition reduces blood cholesterol level and therefore is friendly to the heart. It is also effective in the management of health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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