12 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Green tea has been the subject of many medical and scientific studies over the last few dacades. The main purpose was to determine its health benefits. The studies were based on the evidence suggesting that regular drinkers of green ttea have lower chances of diseases related to heart, cancer and weight. Green tea contains flavonoids which are good for health due to their anticarcinogenic and anti-oxidative nature. Morover, it has been believed that antioxidants can slow down the aging process too.

 Likewise, their are many benefits of green tea as disussed, that can not be ignored for a healthy lifestyle.
Prevents and treats Cancers
Green tea is helpful in brain tumors, leukemia, lung cancer, colon cancer, stmach cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer. Green tea restricts the growth of blood vessels and thus the cancer cells are starved off. It makes the abnormal cells to destruct themselves. To prevent the growth of cancer, green tea blocks the overproduction of enzymes that are harmful.
Weightloss and Endurance Gain
Green tea has been known for its weightloss property. In addition to weightloss, it increases your exercise endurance. It increases
the metabolism due to the presence of catechin polyphenols which lower the cholestrol and increases the fat oxidation. Along with this, regular exercise and balanced diet is must for weight loss.
Stress Buster and Brain power booster
Green tea contains theanine which is a compound known to stimulate the alpha brain waves and thus, calms the body with relaxed state of mind. As a brain power booster, it regenerates the damaged brain cells.
Heart Protector
Green tea helps in preventing and recovering the heart attack and strokes. With age, our arteries get harder due to accumulation of cholesterols, fats and blood platelets. They lead to the thickness and clogging up of the entire artery which results in a heart attack or stroke. Green tea helps in clearing up the artery passage by lowering triglycerides, cholesterol levels and blood clots. Green tea also improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.
Reduces High Blood Pressure
Green tea lowers the high blood pressure if more than 2 cups are taken daily.
Prevents and Treats Diabeties
Green tea has compunds which are responsible for regulating blood sugar levels by increasing the activity of insulin, promoting glucose metabolism and by blocking the absorption of glucose. The polyphenols in the green tea reduces the amount of amylase produced as a result of conversion of starch into sugar an thereby the sugar level in blood also decreases.
Inflammation treatment
Green tea has anti-inflammatory property which helps in various cases of rheumatoid arthritis and dry itching skin
Protects Lungs from Smoking
Green tea reduces cell damage caused by cigarette smoke and protects you from lung cancer.
Protects Liver from Alcohol
Green tea reduces the effect of alcohol on liver  and treats liver injuries and diseases.
Prevents Tooth Decay and Cures Bad Breath
Green tea is non-erosive and helps fighting mouth bacteria and also reduces the bad breath. It has the ability to prevent food poisoning and killing the bacteria which causes dental plaque.
Increases Immunity
Green tea contains antigens which builds up the defense system of you body and thus increases you immunity.
Builds Bones
Green tea helps to preserve the bone density thereby reducing osteoporosis risk.

How to Brew a cup of Green Tea?

It just needs to be handled properly, otherwise the real flavour of green tea can be ruined. The important thing is not to overbrew the green tea. The method to brew green tea is simple. One tea bag is enough for 150ml or per cup. After boiling water, wait for a minute and then pour the heated water over the tea bag kept in the cup, alow it to steep for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tea bag and allow the tea to cool. You can have the tea hot or cold, depending upon your mood. Sugar can be added if you want, otherwise
avoid it.
Moderate consumption of green tea is recommended. Not more than 2 cups a day if you are sensitive to caffeine. Many tea brands do the falsification of green tea, so care should be taken before buying the original green tea.

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