Herniated (Slipped) Disc – 3 Easy Exercises for Relief

Having herniated disc syndrome is certainly a cause for worry. This is because of the possibility of your nerves being affected, especially if herniation occurs in the spine vertebrae in the lumbar region. There is always the possibility of permanent damage to the nerves, which can easily cause paralysis. Because majority of herniated discs do heal without any medication after several weeks, performing exercises can be of great help in achieving fast healing. However, there is always the fear of aggravating herniated disc, which can lead to other complications. It is very important that you do not perform any form of exercise until you obtain adequate information and advice on the same.

Your physiotherapist is in a good position to recommend to you the exercises that will aid in your fast healing and in a safe manner. It is very important to stick to an exercise program. Perform them when required and with prescribed intensity. The rule is always to stop performing any exercise when you feel the same is causing you pain. Below are some of the most effective exercises for herniated disc but as indicated above, seek the go ahead from your physiotherapist before you embark on the same.

Using a Ball

This exercise requires the use of a ball, such as those large ones used by physiotherapists. With your legs astride, gently sit on the ball and gently bounce on it for about five minutes. You may do it ten minutes at most. While the exercise appears very simple, it has a lot of positive effect on your spine. Performing this exercise pumps every disk in your spine. This pumping eliminates toxins within that make it impossible to achieve fast healing. In addition, the pumping brings into the vertebrae fresh oxygen and nutrients, which are very necessary for fast healing. Because the exercise positively affects all your vertebrae, it is effective regardless of herniated disc location. Make it a routine to perform this exercise everyday at a specific time to achieve fast healing.

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Sciatica Exercise

Lumbar herniated disc causes severe pain to your thigh, leg and feet. This is because the sciatic nerve is affected. Appropriate sciatica exercises go along way in relieving such pain. To perform appropriate sciatica exercise, lie on your stomach and gently prop your upper body upwards using your elbows. Your hips should remain on the floor. In a gentle manner, perform press-up motions for a maximum of five minutes. Although this exercise looks very simple, it can be very difficult to perform with lumbar herniated disc. You need to start slowly before increasing intensity. Although the exercise is very effective for lumbar herniated disc, it is beneficial to all spine vertebrae. Perform it everyday for fast healing.

Strength Exercises

You can achieve fast healing of herniated disc by performing exercises that add strength to your lower back and abdominal muscles. To strengthen your lower back muscles, lie on your stomach and clasp your hands on your lower back. Gently raise your head and chest while looking at the floor beneath. Hold in the raised position for five seconds before lowering your head. Repeat this routine several times. When through, perform the second exercise by unclasping your hands from your lower back and raising one hand up, along with the corresponding leg (opposite leg). Your head and chest should remain on the floor. Change to the other hand and leg. These exercises will not only make your abdominal and lower back muscles strong but aid in aligning your spine vertebrae.

As earlier indicated, seek your physiotherapist’s opinion before embarking on any of these exercises to avoid further injury. Note that you may have herniated disc that requires surgery.

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