Pros & Cons of Wearing High Heels

High-heeled shoes have a rich history behind them. No other shoe has attracted praise and criticism in the same measure for centuries as high heels. In addition, no other shoe other than high-heeled shoe borders toward leisure, sophistication and a woman’s sexuality.

What is in high heels?

A high-heeled shoe is contradictory in functionality; it restricts your leg movement by reducing your steps while at the same time makes it appear as if you are moving faster! It makes it appear that you are walking faster and likely to fall with your next step! What a shoe. Well, high-heeled shoes have been there, lost their value and regained the same. It seems as if high heels will never fade away forever.

Are they part of your shoe collection? Are they good for you?

By definition, high heels are any kind of shoe that raises your heels to be in a position higher than your toes. While this definition will categorize most shoes as high-heeled shoes, it is not the case. Your shoe’s heel is categorized in three main measurements. If your shoe’s heel is less than 2.5 inches, it is a low-heeled shoe. While any heel measurement between 2.5 and 3.5 inches is considered a mid heel, heel measurement above 3.5 inches qualifies as a high heel shoe. Most popular high heels worn by both young girls and women are mid heels and high heels of between 11/2 inches and 4 inches.

Before you and I can pass judgment on whether high heels are good for you or not, it is only important that we look at the reasons for and against it.

Cons of Wearing High Heels

By wearing high heels, you are most likely to experience foot pain. Raising your heels also increases the likelihood of having sprains. Should you fail to be careful in walking, you literally increase your chances of falling and possibly sustain a fracture. Those women who are fond of wearing high heels eventually develop foot deformities. Your chances of injury definitely increase in case of an emergency because you will not be able to run. Damage caused by high heels is not restricted to your feet, alteration of forces in your feet cause changes in your knee joints, which can easily lead to degenerative knee joint disease. Lastly, you are likely to have foot and tendon problems.

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Pros of Wearing High Heels

The reasons for wearing high heels are mostly aesthetic. Proponents of high heels point out the accentuation of leg curves achieved because of the feet’s angle change. In addition, high heels transform you completely; you look seductive, look taller, your legs appear longer with your feet looking smaller. The main reason proponents of high heels put forward happen to be the improvement in the tone of your pelvic floor.

With high heels pros and cons expounded, you are now in a position to determine whether high heels are good for you or not. Whichever way you look at it however, high heels are certainly not good for you. This does not however mean that high heels should not be part of your shoe collection. Have a pair that you can wear, only when necessary.

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