6 Useful Natural Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Swollen eyes basically means inflamed and bloated eye linings as well as puffy eyelids. Although, this condition settles down just within a couple of days, during that time it can feel extremely inconvenient and embarrassing too. Following 6 simple yet useful natural remedies can add to your relief. Check them out:

Cucumber juice

Cut circular rings out of cucumber, put them on puffy eyes for at least 1 hour and remove. Alternatively, extract the juice of a cucumber and chill it out. Then soak cotton balls in it and put them on your eyelids for an hour. Cucumber juice provides required relief to our eyes by soothing and hydrating the skin around them. It is also rich in crucial vitamins that offers proper skin nourishment as well as constricts the blood vessels leading to decreased swelling.


Egg whites

Take the white portion of an egg and chill it out at first. Now spread it over the puffy eyelids properly with your fingers. Let it dry and then wash your eyelids down with fresh cold water. Egg white is also a natural skin astringent that nurtures our skin by cleansing it accurately. Moreover, it possesses skin tightening property which shrinks the dilated blood vessels causing reduced swelling.


Ground fennel seeds

Make a paste by mixing ground fennel seed powder with cold water and apply it to your eyelids. After almost 1 hour, wash it off and repeat it if needed. You can also put some ground fennel seeds in a piece of cloth dampened with cold water and use it as a cold compress. As fennel seeds have astringent as well as swelling fighting properties, it is tremendously helpful for swollen eyes.

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Chilled green tea bags

Collect a few green tea bags and squeeze them slightly. Now freeze them for a couple of hours and finally apply those chilled tea bags on your eyelids for 20-30 minutes. Green tea is full of skin-friendly nutrients along with vital antioxidants and a vast range of vitamins as well as minerals. Among all of them, tannins uphold an adequate amount of blood flow to the cells of eye region by eradicating the excess fluid build-up, and thus help treat swollen eyes effectively.

Cooled rosemary tea

Prepare a small amount of rosemary tea and refrigerate it for 1-2 hours. Make a cold compress with it by using a hygienic piece of cloth. Now squeeze it on your swollen eyes to use up the entire tea. Being a herbal tea, it provides fast relief by increasing blood circulation and decreasing fluid development in the swollen area.

Witch hazel

Chill the herbal ingredient witch hazel for at least half an hour at first. Then drench two clean cotton balls in it and place them for about 20 minutes on the firmly closed eyelids in order to avoid the stinging sensation. Repeat the process up to 4 times a day, or as per the swelling around the eyes. Being a natural astringent, witch hazel tightens the blood vessels around eyes and thus effectively diminishes the swelling without any adverse side effects.

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