How to Make A Perfect Diet For Pancreatitis

Pancreas is one of our major internal organs that help our body digest foods by secreting some of the most vital digestive enzymes. The glands present within pancreas, which secrets the pancreatic juice, are called pancreatic glands. When these glands become severely infected, the entire pancreas gets affected badly. This acute infection of pancreas is known as Pancreatitis. It takes a toll on the complete gastrointestinal system which results into excessive digestive disorders.

Pancreatitis might be the serious outcome of food poisoning, limitless intake of alcohol, gall stones, side effect of certain medications, or even other external or internal infections and it is identified with severe pain and bump in the lower abdomen along with fever. Since it is directly associated with food digestion, the diet for pancreatitis really needs to be light and easily digestible so that it does not trigger the inflammation. An effective and well-chosen diet is essential for the proper treatment of the infection. The following diet should be strictly followed in such situation:

Intake of selected carbohydrates

Yes, this is the most important step one needs to take while going through the infection. You cannot eliminate carbohydrates from your diet completely as they act as our primary source of energy. But you must stay away from certain refined carbohydrates that are harmful for you and increase the intake of healthy as well as good ones. For better digestion and absorption of food, consume fiber rich grains and try to avoid refined flours or white flour. Opt for whole grains, broken wheat, brown rice etc.

Sufficient amount of fibers

The whole digestive system is badly hit by the infection during pancreatitis and it often ends in the annoying constipation problem. Therefore, plenty of fiber and roughage should be included in the diet for pancreatitis. Consuming a lot of whole grains, fresh fruits and unprocessed vegetables will help you get rid of constipation by providing sufficient amount of roughage and will also be good for digestion.

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Juice of fruits and vegetables

When it comes to various severe gastrointestinal infections including pancreatitis, the liquid diet containing juices of fresh vegetables and fruits is the best. You can also consume chicken soup and the stock left after cooking lentils as both of them serve as nourishing liquid diet for pancreatic patients. A liquid diet keeps our body hydrated enough and also provides the required vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients in the simplest form so that those get absorbed readily.

Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods

If you are an alcohol addict, just say ‘no’ to it or at least reduce the intake to a less than moderate quantity. You might also consume excessive caffeine in the form of coffee or even different aerated drinks. It should also be avoided. Remember, alcohol and caffeine can worsen the condition of a pancreatic patient. Also, keep yourself away from highly spiced foods as it would result into gastric as well as acidity problems.

Removing fats totally

It is a well-known fact that fats are the heaviest food group to digest. Since digestion is the most affected process in people suffering from pancreatitis, their foods need to be digested easily without putting any stress to the stomach or intestines. Therefore, diet for pancreatitis should contain boiled, steamed or roasted foods which are prepared by fat-free cooking methods. Fried, greasy and rich foodstuffs must be avoided in order to eliminate the fat from the diet completely.

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    Avoid fat entirely? isn’t that dangerous? everyone needs a little healthy fat. I’m not diagnosed.. but I am awaiting tests, I try to eat a little avocado every day and maybe a little EV olive oil on my veggies. I don’t go over board, just a tablespoon or less, and 1/4 or 1/2 avocado a day max, but surely NO FAT is misleading?

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