5 Symptoms of Breast Abscess You shouldn’t Ignore

Breast abscess is a type of breast infection that comes about when bacteria penetrate milk ducts through nipples at the time of breast-feeding. It might get serious from time to time especially when pus pockets develop in the breasts and the victims suffer from an acute sensation of pain. Surgical drainage might be the last option in most of the cases.

Symptoms of breast abscess

As said previously, a breast abscess can be an outcome of several serious causes. In order to prevent these symptoms from flaring up and getting worse, you must know about them in detail. Here is a list of these grave signs of breast abscess:

  • Like other common and uncommon health disorders, breast abscess also has some typical signs and symptoms. These include high fever, excessive chilliness, soreness in the breast as well as in the nipple, trembling, inflammation and swelling in breast, and body pain. The breast tissues get severely affected during this time and develop pain along with a sensation of heat and reddishness.
  • Abscesses might already be present in the breast and they mostly exist in the form of little bulges that are non-cancerous in nature. While get in touch with detrimental bacteria, they get infected and become contagious breast abscesses.
  • The little lumps in the breast start getting larger. If the breasts are emptied after feeding, then also these lumps remain intact. When the situation worsens, pus might start to ooze out of nipples accompanied by high fever. Even it remains same after 2 days of treatment.
  • Generally, a breast abscess or infection begins to form when breast milk starts coming out within a couple of months after childbirth. It has been observed that during first 2 weeks, the breasts get filled up more than the demand and hence become enlarged enough. It leads to a medical condition named milk fever which is seen in almost 13% of women. It is characterized by painful nipples with soaring body temperature that can be as high as 102 degree F. However, emptying breast with a perfect breast-feeding practice can bring the temperature down to normal after 4 to 16 hours.
  • Another medical condition termed as mastitis can also be the reason of breast abscess. This grave infection is initiated by the attack of staphylococcal bacteria which enter the milk ducts within the breasts from the mouth of the baby. The situation gradually aggravates with breast swelling and ends in acute soreness.
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Treatment of breast abscess

If you ever feel any type of aching protuberance in your breast while breast-feeding your baby, do not hesitate to give a call to your physician. The condition of the patient needs to be analyzed properly by the physician in order to realize as well as reduce the harshness of the symptoms. While antibiotics are enough for treating a mild and confined infection, a severe abscess needs aggressive treatment such as surgery for getting rid of the pus. If ignored, a breast abscess can cause fainting as well dizziness. It can also become chronic in some cases.

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