Tampons – Are They Safe To Use?

According to US Food and Drug Administration, tampons are class II medical devices and are regulated as so. Tampons have been in use since the Egyptians invented the first disposable tampons made of softened papyrus. Later, wool, paper, vegetable fibers and cotton came to be used. Tampons made of cotton and treated with antiseptic are commonly used by solders to stop bleeding bullet wounds. It is in fact reported that menstrual tampons are widely used by solders for dressing wounds.

Menstrual tampons are available in various sizes. While the outward presentation is the same regardless of size, menstrual flow absorption rate varies. Menstrual tampons are designed to expand either lengthwise or radially when they receive menstrual flow. All tampons feature a cord for removing the same. They also feature either an applicator or outer cover that you use to insert the same. Modern menstrual tampons are made of a combination of cotton and rayon. However, some are available that are made of 100% cotton.

The use of tampons is safe, so long as you have mastered how to insert it properly. If it is your first time to use tampons, you may need to take time to learn how to insert and remove them. While learning how to use tampons, it is better to use the smallest size tampon. The smallest size tampon is easy to insert and remove and therefore easy to learn with. In any case, the small size tampon is effective in absorbing moderate to heavy menstrual flow. You should not be nervous when learning how to use tampons. Doing so will tense up your muscles, which makes it difficult to insert the tampon.

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Although using tampons is safe, you need to remain alive to the fact that infection is possible. Bleaching agents like chlorine and pesticides used in bleaching and treating tampons can be a cause of infections. However, the likelihood of infection occurring is very minimal. In serious cases, you may develop toxic shock syndrome (although rare). This condition comes about if you wear a tampon for a long time. The syndrome is characterized by vomiting, lightheadedness, diarrhea, sudden high fever, dizziness and fainting.

In order to have tampons work well for you and reduce chances of any possible infections, keep the following in mind:

  • Directions – Tampon packages have usage directions. Ensure that you read, understand and use tampons as per the directions.
  • Go for tampons with low absorbency rate.
  • Wear a tampon for a maximum of 6 hours, remove and wear a fresh one.
  • Never wear tampon overnight, unless you will change the same.
  • Do not stop wearing tampons when you first feel uncomfortable. It is likely that you have inserted the same incorrectly. You are not to feel the tampon if you insert it properly.
  • Do not worry about your virginity while wearing tampons; you will still maintain your virginity.
  • Ensure that you handle and insert tampons after washing and drying your hands.
  • Above all, dispose off used tampons in the most hygienic manner possible

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