10 Research Based Tips to Increase Your Brain Power

Modern research has debunked the common myth on how the brain deteriorates. It has been commonly believed that once one starts aging, neurons within the body start to weaken. The weakening of the neurons has commonly been believed to lead to loss of brain power and function. This process has commonly taken to mean part of the aging process. Research has however now established that you can easily reverse this trend and indeed age while your brain is still sharp without such problems as memory loss. The following tips should help you in rewiring your brain.

  • Healthy diet – A healthy diet has a very positive effect on your brain. This should start with a healthy breakfast composed of cereals. Skipping breakfast has been established to lower performance during the whole day. It is better to skip a meal during the day than skip breakfast. It is also very necessary that include fruits, vegetables and fruits in your regular diet. These will supply your body and brain with vital minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids including Omega-3 fatty acids that are very beneficial to your brain. If you need to drink, restrict yourself to red wine. This has the effect of reinforcing your neural circuits that control negative emotional memory.
  • Healthy lifestyle – It is very important to choose a healthy lifestyle if you need to have a healthy and active mind deep into your old age. Heavy drinking and smoking have a negative effect on your neurons, which lowers your brain power.
  • Physical exercises – Performing physical exercises is not only beneficial to other parts of your body; it also affects functions of your brain positively. Exercises stimulate the formation of new brain cells through neurogenesis process. This improves memory in a great way.
  • Mental stimulation – Apart from stimulation resulting from physical exercises, you can stimulate your brain through several ways to encourage development of new brain cells. Research shows that engaging your brain stimulates such growth. Regardless of your age, ensure that you think more to improve your brain power. As a matter of fact, research conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York established that stimulating the brain through thinking and other activities greatly reduced chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Travel to new locations, read books or newspapers, play “thinking games” such as cards, chess and checkers, scrabble or solve crossword puzzles.
  • Interact – Social interaction is very beneficial to the brain. Exposing yourself to different people means involving your brain in dealing with people of different characters. Whether it is through the phone or physically, doing so exercises your brain, in effect maintaining its sharpness.
  • Sleep – According to Neuroscientists, the part of your brain that stores memory (hippocampus) becomes active only when you are asleep. The scientists point out that while your brain sleeps, it embarks on a very useful process in which both the declarative and procedural memories are set. While declarative memories are those that relate to information including dates, names and facts, procedural memories are those that relate to learning process, covering what you may have learnt during the day. Lack of adequate sleep therefore prevents this vital process, which leads to neuron damage.
  • Learn – In order to increase the power of your brain, it is very necessary that you make it a point to learn something new every day. Learning produces a positive change in your brain especially through neuroprotection, which prevents dementia. There are many things you can learn including playing a musical instrument, a game, art of making simple items and cooking new dishes amongst others.
  • Neurobics – The benefits that accrue from performing neurobics are many. Neurobics are unique brain exercises that effectively activate parts of your brain that you otherwise do not use, they are only used occasionally. The exercises basically involve change of routine. If you are right-handed, try to make use of your other hand. You can also drive to work using a different route from your regular route. Such changes have been proved to stimulate parts of your brain not normally used.
  • Breath fresh air – Breathing fresh air has been established to lead to stimulation of neurons, which powers the brain to think clearly. It is beneficial to occasionally walk or run around forests or uncongested open places where you have access to fresh air.
  • Supplements – Some supplements have been found to greatly increase brain power. In particular, phosphotidyl serine supplement is very effective in activating communication between brain cells. It also regulates and improves the functions of neurons.
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You can benefit in a great way by using any combinations of the above tips. They are not only designed for those approaching or already in old age; they are very beneficial to all regardless of age.

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