6 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Strain

It is certain that you spend some time working on a computer. Spending much time on a computer however has a negative effect on your vision. Note that your eyes are naturally designed to spot anything near or far. Spending too much time on a computer alters this capability. Your vision reduces to things that are near you. The suppressed vision leads to nearsightedness. This is because working on a computer requires that you move your eyes in a complex manner while employing all your focusing skills. Computer glare and screen flicker rate also affect your eyes. All these cause eyestrain and stress.

Symptoms of Eyestrain

  • You experience headaches while working on a computer or immediately after.
  • You have irritating eyes that are often dry.
  • You have blurred vision immediately after working on a computer.
  • You have difficulty in refocusing to view objects at a distance location.
  • You occasionally experience double vision after using a computer.
  • You experience pain on your back and neck region.

Continuous eyestrain can cause you a lot of strife. You may end up with blurred vision amongst other eye problems. Does it therefore mean that you stop working on a computer once you experience the above symptoms?

How to Protect Your Eyes from Strain

  • Enlargement While working on a computer, avoid straining your eyes to read small texts. The keyboard has a short cut that you can use to enlarge text for eye comfort. You can use a combination of Ctrl + Alt and the + keys to customize your keyboard and use the same to display text in such a way that your eyes do not strain while reading on screen.
  • Read offline – While you may consider it as a waste of resources and time, printing online materials and reading them offline is very beneficial to your eyes. Reading a long article on a computer screen tires out your eyes, eventually causing eyestrain.
  • Take breaks – Do not spend long hours looking at a computer screen. If your work is mostly on a computer, set specific times when you take a break and rather than stay in the office, take a walk in fresh air for a few minutes. While doing so, try looking as far as possible to flex your eyes.
  • Look away while working – Make it a routine to occasionally look away from a computer screen while working.
  • Re-position your monitor – It occurs that your eyes blink less while looking at a computer screen. This causes dryness and redness to your eyes. To prevent this and make it possible for your eyes to blink, place your monitor below the level of your eyes. You will be able to blink easily.
  • Perform eye exercises – Regularly exercising your eyes after working on a computer relaxes your eye muscles. This also eliminates any eyestrain.
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Excercises for Eyes

There are many eye exercises that you can perform. They include:

  • Palming exercise – Take a break while working and rub your palms together to make them warm. Place the warm hands on your eyes to sooth and make them relax. Doing this also relives eye tiredness.
  • Thumb exercise – Position your thumb in front of your eyes. This should be at eye level and directly to your nose. Focus on the thumb with both eyes. Do this several times to improve eye flexibility.
  • Messaging – Occassionally massage the areas round your eyes to relax eye muscles, nerves and blood capillaries. This increases blood flow to your eyes.
  • Monitor settings – To make your eyes comfortable while working, adjust contrast and brightness settings.

Rather than expose your eyes to adverse elements while working on a computer, consider undertaking the above to help protect your eyes. They are simple techniques that you can employ right at your workplace.

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