Top 10 tips to Beat The Blues

All of us must have experienced blues at some or the other point in our lives. There might have been days when you felt depressed low and down hearted. Feeling blues is a pun that refers to feeling unhappy or miserable. Blue days make you sad and gloomy with no evident reasons. Again and again they simply sneak on you and make you worried. Being aware of them is the first step in getting rid of or overcoming them.

Sometimes such a state goes off on its own without any of our deliberate efforts, but many a times, conscious attempts are needed to overcome the situation. People have various ways of handling the ‘blues’ and getting back to the sunnier side of life. Being positive and determined are the proven traits that will revive you again from the poignant state.

Top 10 – Tips to Overcome The Blues

Are you going through those sad blue days. Here womentribe suggest you ten tips to beat the blues and get the going.

1. Get Some Exercise

The moment you start feeling low and downtrodden just put on your exercise gear and work out for 10-15 minutes. Blood circulation increases and more oxygen is supplied to your brain. This acts as mood elevators and you feel fresh and happy again.

2. Dress Up

It may sound shallow, yet it is a good way to beat the blues.

Get a makeover for yourself as looking good boosts your confidence level. You face the world with renewed energy. Just spruce up, get a new dress and have a god haircut and see how wonderful you feel. It is a million dollar advice- tested and tried many a times.

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3. Listen to Music

Music is soothing not only to ears but also to disturbed souls. Put on your favorite track and spend some time listening to them. You will easily overcome the gloomy state that was once haunting you. Music gives you connectivity to the external world.

4. Plan a Goal

Correctly prioritized goal and right thinking impart a sense of well being and help you get over a disturbed state easily. The feeling of being sad can be overcome by imbibing a sense of confidence in oneself. Make small targets like finishing a novel, completing a pending work, etc. Such goals will give you an aim to follow and will also consume your idle time. So if you are feeling sad, just plan things that will re-energize you and go ahead!

5. Connect with Others

Try to spend time with friends or relatives. Sending emails is a good option. Visit old friends or give a call. It is a good habit to talk about the good times you’ve spent with them and relive the old memorable moments.

6. Take a Nap

Taking a nap rejuvenates you from fatigue and stress that act as mood-depressors. Having a sleep for 8-10 hours will definitely make you revitalized again and you will feel a fresh person.

7. Pen Down the Negative Thoughts

Studies have shown that penning down the bottled up thoughts on a piece of paper is a good technique to overcome depression. Just write down and express your fears, inhibitions and gut feelings and you will surely be relieved of all the hidden trouble.

8. Visit a Spa

Pamper yourself with massages and aromatherapy. They are known to have positive effects in calming stress and alleviating a disturbed mood.

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9. Introspect Yourself

Spend some quality time alone. Introspection and self-evaluation are very important for understanding yourself. You should know your reflection and the kind of person you are. It helps you to have a balance between your IQ and EQ. Negative traits like anger, nervousness and agitation are also harnessed by introspection. So love to enjoy your own company.

10. Eat Healthy

A well balanced and nutritious diet is very important to make your body nourished and strong. By increasing fiber intake, you will get more liveliness to carry out your daily activities efficiently. Lower the sugar intake and eat fresh and healthy diet. Take a lot of fruits and vegetables.

You should learn to beat the blues and be a winner. Do not indulge in trying to please others by doing things beyond your capacity. This will only drag you in gloominess and a state of sadness.

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