Why Visit Your Doctor Regularly?

Being a woman is very challenging; family matters and issues to deal with including the welfare of children and all that goes with it. Most women in fact pay too much attention to the health of their husbands/friends and children while forgetting to do the same for themselves. Although it is a fact that both men and women face the same health challenges, it turns out that the same health problem affects a woman differently from the way it will affect a man. For this reason, women need special attention when it comes to health issues.

As a woman, you should make it a routine to pay your doctor regular visits just to be sure that you are doing well healthwise. In paying your doctor a visit, ensure that you make the most out of the visit. This means that you should not be a spectator but be involved in what your doctor says and does on your body. Ask questions and seek out relevant information relating to your health condition if any. Note that you have your rights as a patient to receive all the necessary information regarding any procedures and treatments to be performed on you before the same are undertaken. It is therefore necessary and beneficial to you if you seek out the right information from your doctor.

It is important to point out that visiting your doctor is not a free offer. You pay for the service and the fact that you do not ask questions may mean spending very few minutes in a doctor’s room. This will make you develop a feeling of being cheated. Without questions, your visit may be rushed and you may not receive full information and knowledge of any disease you may be suffering from. Asking questions may not be enough. Remember that your doctor relies heavily on the information you provide. Ensure that you provide accurate information including any medical condition in your line. This will help your doctor in deciding the best way of handling a disease or condition that you may have inherited.

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To make the most of your next visit to your doctor, it is important that you request for medical tests and screening even if your doctor may not suggest so. It will be beneficial to carry a notebook and pen with you to note down important points. Some of the tests you should have conducted include:

  • General health checkup – These include weight and height measurements. Note them down and periodically obtain another set of measurements, analyzing differences.
  • HIV/AIDS Test – This is important if you are at risk.
  • Blood pressure/Cholesterol Test – Start undergoing these tests when you are above 20 years. These will give you a picture of your heart health.
  • Bone mineral density test – This will show how healthy your bones are and if necessary, your doctor will recommend remedy measures.
  • Blood Glucose Test – This will establish diabetes problems. Consider undergoing this test every 3 years once you are above 45 years.
  • Clinical/Mammogram tests – This will enlighten you on your breast health.
  • Pap smear/Pelvic exam/Chlamydia test – This will indicate how healthy your reproductive health is. Consider undergoing these tests after every three years once you are above 20 years.
  • Colorectal cancer test – This will establish your colorectal health.

Apart from these necessary tests, you should consider being immunized against certain diseases. Immunization is not only for children; it can be of great help. Consider receiving Influenza, Tetanus, Varicella, HPV, Pneumococcal and Hepatitis A/B vaccines.

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