Use Water to Achieve your Weight Loss Goals

We all know that water is our source of livelihood. That is a fact that you cannot deny. Water is necessary for all body processes. You body processes will simply halt without water. It is necessary to keep your body properly hydrated to give you that healthy feeling. All the waste products that your body produces and the toxic substances that enter your body need to be transported and disposed off. This is only possible with presence of water.

Apart from the known water functions, one other major effect of water in your body is its capability to aid in weight loss. The first effect that water has on your weight is its capability to increase your metabolism. This results in fast metabolism of nutrients and disposal of waste products. The rate of nutrient uptake (absorption) increases tremendously. In addition, the rate at which your body expends energy also increases. This leads to burning of excess fat, in effect avoiding buildup of fat, leading to weight loss. The secret is to ensure that you drink the right amount of your daily water requirement, which differs from one person to another. To ascertain your daily water requirement, use the following formula:

Your weight (in ibs) X 0.66 = 000 Ounces.

Convert the ounces into liters and you will have obtained your minimum daily water requirement. You need to make it a routine to drink the minimum amount of water that your body requires to obtain weight loss benefit. One mistake that most women do is to substitute water with other liquids such as fruit juice. No, let it be plain water.

Weight Loss Effect of Water

Water affects your weight loss in various ways:

  • Water has a positive effect on fat burning process. Note that dehydration literally prevents fat burning. Your body needs to burn fat smoothly and efficiently. This is only possible with adequate amounts of water. It is therefore very necessary to maintain minimum daily water requirement.
  • Your muscles play a major role in how you shed off excess fat for weight loss. Your muscles need to be lubricated and toned in order to shake off any fat deposited. This is only possible with adequate amounts of water. Lack of adequate amounts of water literally slows down the process.
  • In order to loose weight safely, fiber is necessary. However, the same fiber needs to be lubricated otherwise you suffer constipation. Water therefore has a positive effect on fiber and along your digestive system in general.
  • When you initially embark on any weight loss program, water is the first thing that you will loose. It is therefore very important to ensure that you are adequately hydrated.
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Tips to Drink More Water

While it is now obvious that you seriously need to maintain a minimum adequate amount of water for your body to function properly and for safe weight loss, the question arises on how you need to drink water. It is a fact that drinking water is a problem to some women and knowing how to do the same is very important. Developing a routine on how you drink water can make it very easy:

  • Make it a routine to drink water the first thing in the morning. This awakens your body as it stimulates and lubricates your digestive system.
  • Make it a routine to drink a glass of water every time you sit down to eat or have a drink. This has the effect of making you feel full and therefore eat less, a sure aid to weight loss.
  • Make it a routine to drink at least two glasses of water before and after you eat a heavy meal. Your digestion will not only be easy but your metabolism will increase.
  • Make it a routine to drink at least two glasses of water before retiring to bed. You will have a smooth sleep, which is necessary for body rest, the only time that particular body processes take place.

Water can have a negative or positive effect on your weight, depending on how much you drink on a daily basis. It is only good that you maintain your minimum daily requirement. You will not only achieve safe weight loss but overall good health as well.

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