How Yoga can help you achieve your weight loss goals?

Being overweight does not only hinder you from undertaking your daily routines without effort, it presents many health risks. It is likely that you have embarked on various weight loss programs that however turn out unsuccessful. Failure of any appropriate loose weight program does not men that such a program is ineffective (although some weight loss programs are). How to loose weight fast depends on several factors, including your commitment and resolve to achieving weight loss, your attitude towards the program and how emotionally and physically you are prepared to undertake a program. This is where yoga comes in.

Yoga is one of the six Hindu philosophy that refers to traditional Hindu physical mental and spiritual disciplines, which if coordinated results in attainment of a state of wholesomeness. Coordinating and combining these disciplines is aimed at achieving full health. For this reason, yoga for weight loss has gained popularity around the world, with many performing yoga to attain wholesome health. The meditative and exercise components of yoga is believed to stimulate the flow of life energy in your body that treats varied diseases and conditions such as excess weight. According to the US National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), yoga is one of the most common alternative therapies used in the US. The therapy is administered to those with cancer, asthma, diabetes, obese and HIV/AIDS health conditions.

There are various types of yoga poses including ashtanga yoga, power yoga, hatha yoga and bikram yoga poses, all performed in different yoga positions and producing different health results. Within each type of yoga for weight loss are varied effects. They incorporate breathing, body, toning, messaging and relaxing exercises.

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Although practiced since 15the century, hatha yoga exercises took a back seat until recently when many have started to practice them for weight loss. Ashtanga and power yoga are athletic exercises that are vigorous and capable of burning excess body fat and carbohydrates, resulting in weight loss. Within each Exercise type are many asanas that include standing, seated, twist, supine and backbend yoga postures.

What sets weight loss yoga exercises apart from other weight loss exercises is the fact that yoga for weight loss exercise combines physical and mental faculties. You exercise while focusing your mind on your intended goal – weight loss. Performing yoga to loose weight does not only result in weight loss. Yoga is very effective in treating and managing the following health conditions:

  • Treating anxiety and depression – Yoga has been studied and found to reverse damages caused by anxiety and depression. This is due to yoga’s relaxation effect, which benefits the whole body.
  • Treating back pain – Backbend yoga pose is very effective in flexing the spinal cord and strengthening arms, legs and abdomen, eliminating back pain in the process.
  • Cancer – Yoga exercises have been found to help in fighting cancer and the associated symptoms.
  • Treating menopause problems – Unbearable health conditions associated with menopause such as sweating and depression can be managed by performing yoga exercises.
  • Stress – Yoga’s relaxation and breathing exercise postures are effective in relieving stress. In addition, they are effective in treating epilepsy.

You varied materials on yoga for weight loss at your disposal. Apart from the materials, you can attend yoga classes online. In addition, yoga journal provides useful information on the basics of yoga, yoga poses, yoga teachers, health and lifestyle.

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