3 Easy Yoga Asans(Positions) for Working Women

Of all the working population around the world, women are the most affected. The mere fact of balancing work and family responsibilities takes a toll on the body. This is the main reason why most working women have such problems as high stress levels and overweight. You are likely to suffer such problems due to lack of exercise. While you may wish to exercise, you may be limited by time considering the fact that you have to attend to family matters and issues once you come home from work.

This does not however mean that you cannot exercise and eliminate the common problems that working women face. You only need to plan and develop an exercise schedule that you should be able to stick to. Note that regardless of how important your work or family can be, your health is paramount and you seriously need to plan to exercise for good health. The type of exercises you perform is crucial. Because your busy work schedule and family matters/issues affect you both physically and emotionally, you need a wholesome exercise that addresses the same. One of the best exercises you can perform is yoga.
Yoga exercises do not only produce power and strength; they enable your body to achieve a high level of relaxation. The psychological and physiological benefits of yoga cannot be underestimated; you attain a wonderful working relationship between your body and mind, leading to a high level of peaceful body and mind. The advantage with yoga exercises is that you do not need to go out for performance; you can easily perform them right at home or at work and obtain the benefits that accrue.
As a working woman, the following asanas should be helpful:
  • Shavasana – This type of asana tones your nervous system. It has the effect of increasing your mental energy, which is necessary for effective work performance both at work and at home. You need to perform Shavasana at least twice everyday for between 15 to 20 minutes. In performing Shavasana, lye down on your back on a comfortable material with both your legs and hands free. Avoid any thoughts and focus on relaxing your mind and body. Performing Shavasana regularly is a perfect way of managing hypertension.
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  • Ardha-halasana – This type of asana has the effect of burning excess calories in your body. It is therefore a very good exercise for achieving physical fitness. It is very effective in preventing overweight, which leads to the occurrence of such health problems as heart attacks, diabetes and hypertension. To perform it, lie down on a comfortable material on your back. Let your hands stretch along your body, slowly raising your legs simultaneously, making angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees. Rotate your legs both clockwise and anti-clockwise three to five times. Doing this regularly burns fat deposits in your abdomen and hips.

  • Trikonasana – As a working woman, you are likely to experience varied pain especially on your back and neck areas. Such pain is mainly caused by regular commuting, sitting for long hours and a lot of house work. You can easily combat such pain by performing Trikonasana, a type of yoga asana that you perform while standing in an erect position with feet slightly apart. Raise your hands to shoulder level. You start by turning slowly to either direction with your hands stretched, touching your big toe. Do not bend your legs in the process. Repeat the same with the other hand. Performing this asana on a regular basis loosens your loin muscles in addition to improving your waistline.
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These are just a few of yoga asanas that you can perform both at home and at work not only to make yourself healthy but to cope with demands of work and home activities. Like with other types of exercises, it is very important to stick to a healthy diet and ensure that you drink a lot of water for proper body hydration.

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    Working women cum homemaker need to do yoga regularly to stay fit, balanced and stronger. These women have to face so many difficult situations in their working station as well as at home that sometimes they might get stressed and sick but if they start each day even with a 15 minutes yoga workouts and a short meditation, they will be able to face all the circumstances easily and comfortably and even at night before going to bed, they will not get so tired. A short yoga session and a short meditation will help them to enjoy every phase of their life and they will also enjoy the inner peacefulness, confidence and harmony.

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