5 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Are bed bugs making your night-life unbearable? Do you often get scary to discover an oval, reddish-brown bug creeping on your bed, or even on your face? Well, these nocturnal pests can make room for themselves in almost every niche and corner, such as your mattresses, pillows, furniture, suitcases and clothes. Although they do not spread any disease, they bite us to suck our blood which can ends in several serious infections. If you face rashes and severe itching, wash the affected place with hot water and apply a good quality anti-itching cream. Go through the rest of the article to know 5 best remedies to get rid of bed bugs:

Make your house spick and span

As already said, bed bugs can be found in almost every possible corner or else. Hence, the very thing you should do while suspecting bed bugs invasion is to tidy up your home and restore its hygiene. Clean and wash all your bed covers, pillow covers and other attires with hot water, as cold water is not enough to kill the insects. Moreover, sun-dry your washed clothes. Make it a habit to clean the carpet and the furniture regularly. Alter the wallpapers at a regular interval. While using a vacuum cleaner at every nook and crook in order to get rid of the bugs, pour out the dust into a garbage unit away from your home. Also, do not forget to seal the fissures in the walls and ceilings.

Sun-dry your beddings and other items

Being a nocturnal creature, bed bugs avoid broad daylight strictly, and hence, sunlight can destroy them effectively. It is a wise idea to place all your bed linens, pillows and furniture in such a manner that they get direct sunlight.

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Dry heat the clothes and covers

While trying to get rid of bed bugs desperately, applying dry heat or more precisely using driers can be of definite help. Like sunlight, heat also facilitates the death of bed bugs. Your hair drier can serve the purpose well. Use it on your couch or in other places which are supposed to be infested with bed bugs. Either heat your clothes and other fabrics dry or iron them for a while. Giving all these for laundry can also help you to a great extent.

Use alcohol

Yes, alcohol is another simple remedy used to get rid of bed bugs. Just take some alcohol, wet a brush in it, and rub it on the eggs of the bed bugs well. It will throttle them and help you get rid of them.

Take help of encasement

Do you wonder how to get a bug-free home? Just try encasing and make sure that your home is not bug-ridden any more. It raises the level of carbon dioxide in the air present within the encasement which prevents the bed bugs from surviving in those items. Zipped plastic wraps should be used for covering the fabrics and other furniture. Clean these encasement properly to remove the dead bugs from them.

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