5 Superb Ideas For Decorating Bathroom

Are you bored with your ordinary old-fashioned bathroom? Craving for some fresh ideas? Whether your bathroom is small or large, here are 5 superb ideas for decorating bathroom. Go through the article and see how it changes the look of your bathroom completely.

Design and size

When it comes to decorating your bathroom with new ideas and items, the first thing that should come in your mind is the size and design of it. These two features should always be taken into account even before you plan for the decoration. Generally, a bathroom which itself is large in shape and size has more options to get beautified as more stuff can be added to it easily. Moreover, you can experiment with the shades of your choice in order to decorate a large bathroom. On the other hand, a small bathroom can also be made to appear large enough with the help of proper artificial lighting.


What about an eye-catching theme for your bathroom? Yes, a theme is a great idea for furbishing a bathroom beautifully as it allows you to pick up the colors to use more easily and confidently. For example, if the bathroom you are going to redesign is allocated to your kids, plan for certain themes having animals, cartoons, toys, funny characters etc. The walls of your children’s bathroom must be colorful and decorated with their favorite things. But, when you are decking a bathroom for your guests, stick to a theme that is simple yet striking.


Choosing the right colors might be the most important aspect of decorating bathroom. While renovating a small bathroom, off-white shades should be preferred over dark ones. Because, while deep rich colors mostly absorb the light and make the small bathroom appear even smaller, lighter colors reflect most of the light leading to the bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Opt for neutral paints like beige, white, light gray, light tan etc. and use a couple of stunning wall coverings of various designs to get a beautiful bathroom. On the contrary, select dark and daring colors for a large bathroom. For a dramatic appearance, apply contrasting shades to different walls and give your bathroom a complete makeover.

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Light fixtures

Lights play a major role in decorating a bathroom nicely. A small bathroom can be made to look and feel larger by adding more lighting fixtures to it. Also, pay attention to the theme of your bathroom when choosing the lighting fixtures for it so that they complement each other wonderfully.

Vanities and accents

Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Embellish it with several accessories such as mirrors, sinks, shelves, countertops, cupboards, etc. Pick up the designs and shapes that suits your tastes and preferences. Go for copper or bronze fixtures such as shower heads and handles and install a ceramic tile floor or stone tile floor in your bathroom. Adding accents like bathtub, houseplants, paintings, mats, flower vases, shower caddy etc. will also make it more appealing.

Think wisely and turn your bathroom into an amazing one by experimenting with several shades, accessories and plans within your budget.

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