6 Tips For Effective Insect Control In Your Home

Are you tired of the insects living in your house? Do cockroaches, ants, flies etc. always make you feel ashamed in front of your guests? Are you worried about the health and hygiene of your children and want to get rid of these desperately? Well, all of us have to deal with insects in our day-to-day life in order to keep our houses clean, hygienic and livable. Insect control is an essential part of our household works. The easiest as well as satisfactory solution for getting rid of insects is usage of insecticides. But all types of insecticides and pesticides contain toxic chemicals to kill germs and insects. These are not eco-friendly at all, and would affect your children as well as pets badly. Stay away from these chemical products and adopt some organic ways to fight the insects naturally and gift your family a clean and germ-free living.

There are several organic methods that are as effective as the chemical products are. Opt for the following ways to keep your home free from the nuisance:

To control flies

The most common as well as the most irritating insects found in almost each and every home are flies. Whatever measure you take to get rid of them, probably nothing works at all, right? Well, this tip would definitely help you. Just take some salt solution and dip a piece of cloth in it. Now, wipe all the tables and countertops with that damp cloth nicely. Moreover, dust some detergents inside the garbage bins and keep the lids closed always. These are very effective in keeping flies away.

To control ants

We often discover ants at the corners of our rooms. Nowadays, lots of chemically prepared chalks are available in the market. These are not so harmful for human beings or animals, and if you draw lines with these at the entry points of your room, ants will stay away. On the other hand, wiping up the countertops and tables with a mixture of vinegar and water can also be helpful for this purpose.

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To control cockroaches

If cockroaches are driving you crazy, here is the way for you. Prepare a dough of flour, crushed sugar and boric powder and put it inside the ridges as well as at the corners of the rooms. Generally, cockroaches eat dough; hence, it would be a good way to kill them. Also, never forget to sprinkle the mixture of crushed sugar and baking soda in the drains which are basically their ‘breeding place’.

To control rats

When it comes to insect control, the menace of rats can never be ignored. Just use some chocolates and cheeses to attract them and then trap them inside the rat traps.

To control dog ticks and fleas

You love your pet so much. Well, you must take care of it too then. Make a paste of neem and pat it on the entire body surface of your doggie. Leave it for at least an hour. The terrible odor and taste of neem would make the ticks and fleas fall off from the body of your doggie.

To control house lizards

Egg shells are the best solution to ward off house lizards. Put some egg shells right near the sink or the countertop and see how easily you get rid of these. However, you can also use chalk lines as an alternative of this.

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