7 Amazing Morning Mood Boosters For You

Again a new sun! Starting of a new day! Everybody around you is ready to set the tone for the rest of the day and you are still feeling morning blue, right? Just relax. There are a number of ‘mood boosters’ that can help your mood rise just like the bright, morning sun and make your day a better one. Kick start your day with one or all of the following 10 pick-me-ups:

Feel good

Yes! Feeling good is the best way for living good or more precisely for spending a quality day. Take five deep breaths just after getting out of bed and promise yourself that you will feel good for the whole day. Make it a habit. Remind yourself that you will ‘respond mindfully, rather than react mindlessly’ to whatever is frustrating you.

Something different

Tired of those regular works? It is the time to think for yourself. Yes, you are getting it right. When you wake up in the morning, give yourself a short span of 30 seconds to think of what special and different you can do for yourself that day and finally do it. It will definitely keep your mood lifted throughout the day.

Sounds of nature

Talk to nature. Just open the casement and enjoy the morning bliss as you get ready for the rest of the day. Even if you are inside your room try to reach closer to nature. Listen to recorded sounds of nature or let your clock awaken you to sweet nature sounds. Trust me, it works.

Fresh air

Do have some ‘green exercise’. Surprised? Well, it actually means spending a few minutes in outdoor workouts such as walking, gardening etc. Just head out right after waking up, inhale fresh air, forget your day-to-day worries and enjoy the pure green around you.

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Balanced Meal

Are you taking a healthy breakfast? Remember, a wholesome balanced breakfast containing complex carbohydrates and proteins can act as a perfect mood booster for the entire day. Also, have a cup of black coffee with your breakfast as it is proved that a fair amount of caffeine helps trigger your mood as well as intelligence.

Hot Chocolate

Are you a chocolate lover? Then you have the most ‘tasty’ solution for morning blues! Several researches say that a sip of hot cocoa mixed with fat-free or low-fat milk and dark chocolate holds you on to your mood momentum and makes your day, truly!


Do smile anytime, anywhere. It works excellent as an instant mood-booster. Leaving bed with a smile on your face will surely keep you happy and make people smile around you throughout the day.

A bad start kills the entire day and naturally keeps you grumpy till the bedtime. But when you feel good, everything goes smoothly. If you can keep your mood fresh and charming in the morning, you will surely feel more relaxed and all set to face each and everything the day may bring to you. So, enhance your mood and higher your self-esteem with the help of these natural morning mood boosters. Discover a happier and healthier you!

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