9 Unique Ideas For Kitchen Storage

Dreaming of a beautiful kitchen? Want to make your cooking an enjoyable experience every day? Adopt these 9 tricky kitchen storage ideas to find specific spaces for all your kitchen utilities and attain a clean and organized look always.

Hidden storage

So, you do not have enough space in your kitchen, right? Why do not make the most of the spaces which you have behind your kitchen doors? Just create some useful cubbies and hide your kitchen appliances there. You can also opt for special pull-out cabinets that can be easily customized for maximum storage and thus you can use almost all the nooks and crooks of your kitchen wisely.

Built-in units

A small kitchen needs to be neat and clean always in order to avoid crowding. Use built-in appliance units, such as simple trays or foldable trays at the time of chopping vegetables and preparing meal, breakfast or drinks to keep your countertop clean. Moreover, all the kitchen linens and cookbooks can be put under the breakfast table or banquette as well as the compact appliances can be stored in the cabinet.

Fashionable wire storage

What about various types of wire baskets? Put your chopping boards, trays and baking moulds in them, fasten into steel shelves and line the shelves with plastic liners so that the small baking moulds do not fall down.

Wall or cupboard space?

Your kitchen might not be so spacious but there must be enough space available on the walls of it. So, just empty your cupboard space for other pieces and mount the rack containing steel utensils on the wall and also hang the pans from them for easy access as well as scratch prevention. Keep a foldable ladder handy so that you can intelligently utilize the unused space in the ceiling cabinets for stocking some items that are seldom used and also get the visual impact of height. Also, use shelves made of stainless steel to mount on the wall and place your spice jars, magnetic message boards, cookbooks and some decorative items in those.

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Exclusive modular drawer organizers

Why look for your crockery or cutting knives here and there when you have modular drawer organizers with enough slots for them? Pick up the best one according to your needs from a vast range of shapes, designs and slots.

Breakfast bar-cum-cooking space

Have you ever thought of utilizing your kitchen island efficiently? What about using it as a breakfast area-cum-preparation space? The kitchen island is the best option for avoiding congestion and accessing foods and other items from everywhere as it is open on all four sides.

Magnetic knife bars

Keep your knives handy by putting up a magnetic knife bar on the wall right over your countertop and save space in your drawer.

Light and transparency

Make your kitchen airy and breathable with the help of bright shades of light within the shelves. Also, use glass-paneled doors to track your containers and appliances easily and transparent stackable jars to stock up pulses etc. Store the jars one over another to minimize clutter.

Recycle Bin

Just keep a bin that has separate units for different items and can be operated with legs, under your kitchen counter and recycle your wastes.

When you have everything at the spaces allocated for them, your kitchen looks orderly and organized too. Also, preparing foods become a lovely experience and you just love spending time there. So, make your kitchen organized with these kitchen storage tips and enjoy cooking!

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