Advantages Of An Insulin Pump

Insulin is a hormone that controls the level of blood sugar in our body, and people who suffer from diabetes need to be delivered it through periodic insulin injections. But an improper amount as well as missing doses of insulin can prove to be fatal for the patients.


 Here comes the importance of an insulin pump. It is a computerized miniature device that stores insulin in it and delivers the appropriate quantity according to the diet and lifestyle of the patient.

Benefits of an insulin pump

The insulin pump has reformed the burdensome as well as painful diabetes therapy completely by managing the disease in a better way through the entire life of the patient. Here are the advantages of the device:

  • The patients of both Type I as well as Type II Diabetes can take the advantages of this exclusive insulin pump. When the autoimmune responses in our body slowly damage the insulin generating ‘beta’ cells of the pancreas, the production of the insulin gets hampered. As the sugar does not get decomposed due to the insulin deficiency, the level of it within the blood goes up resulting into Type I diabetes. In such condition, an insulin pump can act like the pancreas by providing a predetermined dose of insulin with the body at regular gaps. On the other hand, serious lifestyle changes lead to Type II diabetes in which the pancreas produces insulin, but either the quantity is not sufficient for the breakdown of the blood sugar or the sugar resists the function of the available insulin. Here also the patients can be delivered an increased amount of insulin through the insulin pump to fight the situation accordingly.
  • The device can control the flow of insulin to the body with the help of proper programs. Even we can adjust the device to get intermediate insulin along with rapid insulin.
  • The configuration of the insulin pump does not include any tube. It also does not need to be pushed into the body and can be worn right over the skin. It is definitely simpler as well as more useful than regular diabetic therapy and let patients enjoy their lives without anxiety.
  • In normal treatment of diabetes, patients need to take insulin injections regularly, which is a painful process. As the insulin pump is worn over the outer surface of the body, it provides quite a relief to them.
  • People who are dependent on periodic insulin injections might miss one or more doses or even get worried about wrong doses. A pre-programmed insulin pump helps you stay worry-free about the doses as well as the frequency of insulin.
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Some important facts


An insulin pump might be extremely advantageous for diabetic patients; however, some facts must be taken into account before buying as using it. Being a battery operated device, an insulin pump needs extra attention and its battery needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Moreover, the device is a fully computerized piece of equipment. Hence, it is comparatively more prone to damage and crashes. You have to monitor it constantly in order to protect it. While choosing an insulin pump for aged people, pick up simply designed models that are easy to handle and monitor.

If you are a patient of diabetes, an insulin pump is something that you need the most. Manage your diabetes efficiently with this device and stay healthy.

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