4 ‘Must-Dos’ For Writing A Great Resume

Are you waiting for the right job? Is your resume good enough to make you stand out from the crowd as the perfect applicant for the job?

Your resume creates the first impression of you in the recruiters’ minds. Hence, even a small mistake in your resume could prove to be a major blunder and get it thrown in a pile of hundreds of rejected resumes. Writing a great resume does not necessarily need a specific set of rules. However, some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ should be strictly followed to get the desired effect. Go through the basic principles of creating a great resume:

1. Advertise and sell yourself

Learn to sell yourself. You are offering the product, i.e. your talent and achievements through your resume to your customers i.e. recruiters who are seeking experts for their job requirements. It is obvious that if sellers’ products do not meet the customers’ prerequisites, there is no point in selling those. Hence, throw needless modesty away and cater to the employers by clearly highlighting how exactly your skills are matching with the need of the organization. Also, put some evidences of your claims. It will add strength to your claims. Just advertise and market yourself, your values and utility to the company.

2. Avoid writing an essay

You must remember that writing resume is not similar to writing an essay. Keep it clear and concise as no recruiter is ready to waste his or her valuable time by going through your unnecessary history. If you have different skill sets and gathered a lot of experience in multiple domains, still highlight only those which are significant to the company and the designation you are presently applying for. Tailoring your resume according to the job role as well as adding apparent headings and underlines to your experience and expertise demanded for the specific job profile will make it crisper and to the point.

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3. Pay attention to the format and font

Your resume layout should emphasize your expertise, experience and ability properly. Make it sure that all these details are clearly visible in your resume as recruiters only check that part of your resume at the time of short-listing, to be sure that you meet the job criteria. Moreover, avoid using multiple fonts as well as stylish letterings. They just do not go with a professional resume. Rather, use bold fonts and bullet points where needed. Also, proofread carefully to check if there are any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typos. Your resume should mirror your personality. Hence, make it more professional and competent for better exposure and consideration.

4. Use informative words

Be informative rather than being descriptive. ‘Numbers’ can better describe your talent than ‘adjectives’. Try to incorporate percentage or statistics related to your achievements. Also, ‘power words’, i.e. the keywords used to describe the job should be included and emphasized in your resume. It increases the chance of your resume to get noticed by the recruiter incredibly.

Apart from these four most important factors, jot down a catchy as well as meaningful objective and add a short still effective summary to your resume. So, just follow all the guidelines given above while preparing your resume and wait for a better opportunity!

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