Foods for a Broken Heart

Suffering from a broken heart? Do not let a heart break affect you and make you a dull and prosaic person. Now is the time to nurture it out!

Heart breaks compel you in the gloominess of negativity and despair. Try to figure out better options to move ahead with revived confidence. Pushing out of the dungeon of pessimism should be your prime objective. Food is indeed an antidote not only to nourish your body but your soul too. Eat food to a healthy life. Rejuvenate yourself to a new, better and revived life. Be healthy with every bite you take.

Some Effective Foods

Here are mentioned some of the useful tips to follow:

1. Gracious Green Tea – Enriched with antioxidants, the green tea is deliciously good and reviving.

2. Relishing Chocolate – Delicious chocolates are known to lower not only the blood pressure but also control depression. They are mood elevators and mood menders.

3. Wonderful Walnuts – Walnuts have the resemblance of a human brain, probably that is the reason why walnuts are termed as ‘brain food’. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids; they are effective in fighting depression.

4. Bananas – Bananas are the natural de-stressors as they contain a lot of dopamine. Dopamine helps brain to become stronger and fight the depression.

5. Chicken or Turkey – These are enriched with the goodness of tryptophan which is a chemical that promote feel good factor in brain.

6. Vitamin B – There is some secret impact of vitamin B on the elation of mind. So consume some good salads to feel high and elated.

7. Cocoa – It is a good source of PEA ( phenylethylamine). Cocoa is the best depression buster and rectifies mood in minutes. Pamper yourself with the raw chocolate and notice the effects caused.

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8. Refreshing Oranges – Oranges are the richest source of vitamin C. They not only boost your immunity but also refresh you. They are known to have a soothing effect on your disturbed self.

Seeing its calming effects on the stomach it is definitely a must eat!. Remember breakups may happen. How we tackle a break up is the most important thing. Try to set a target and stringently abide by it. Go to a nearby gym or an evening stroll. Indulge yourself in some creative habits like writing a story or play with verses to name a few. Music is another good choice to handle a break up. Avoid spending time idle as it will make you feel sorry and miserable.

It is important to give an outlet to your subdued feeling or else bottled up emotions are going to make things worse for you. With heartbreaks come remorse, sadness and repentance. These negative and dark sentiments act as road blocks in your path of success. Try to overcome them and get going. Nothing in life is more important than you yourself.

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