How To Clean Your House Naturally

Are you a clean freak? Do you clean your house frequently in order to provide positive energy and good health for your family? If yes then you must have been using the toxic and expensive cleaning materials available in the market, right?

Well, there is a non-toxic, cheap, and eco-friendly natural cleaning agent that can clean almost anything and everything. I’m talking about the very popular household material – vinegar. Go through the rest of the article to know how to clean your house naturally and effectively:


When you want to clean your house properly, cleaning up the bathroom becomes the biggest challenge for you. Apply vinegar to the rusted and corroded parts of the tap and shower heads, leave it on overnight and then wash off with cold water. Prepare a cleaner by mixing vinegar and salt in 4:1 ratio and use it to remove soap build-up from the faucets. A vinegar dampened cloth can perfectly wipe off the mildew on shower curtains and shower wall. Also, spray some vinegar on the toilet bowl and get surprised!


A mixture containing equal quantities of vinegar and water can do wonders to your fabrics! Soak your garments in this mixture and prevent them from fading. Again, use (1/2) cup vinegar to avoid fine raveling of cotton and linen fibers. Persistent stains on fabrics can also be removed by rubbing them with vinegar and then washing down with cold water.


Another important segment of your cleaning task! Get rid of pungent smell by using the boiled mixture of water and a couple of spoons of vinegar. Containers smelling bad can be cleansed by washing with a mixture made of equal amounts of vinegar and water. Spray vinegar to drive ants away from the countertops, windowsills, doorway etc. and keep your kitchen visibly clean.

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Tired of foul odor coming from your sinks? Pour 1 cup baking soda and another cup of hot white vinegar through the sinks respectively. Leave for 5 minutes and then run hot water to remove the traces of bad smell.

Cups and Pots

Want to get back the lost sparkle of your coffee and tea cups? Take 1 teaspoon vinegar with 1 teaspoon baking soda and rub them well with the mixture. Also, wiping stained jars with a vinegar-damped cloth can do magic!


Heat the oven to 350 degrees at first. Now, spread a paste containing (1/4) cup detergent and 1 cup vinegar uniformly over the greasy spots. Leave at least for 1 hour and rub with a spatula. A sponge dipped in vinegar also works fine for wiping out the dirt around the oven.


Removal of food and juice stains from the carpet can be a real menace to you. Use a piece of sponge or cloth to absorb the excess fluid at first. Now add (1/2) cup water to (1/2) cup vinegar and spray the mixture on the spot. After 2 minutes, blot the area with sponge or towel.

Dishwasher & Washing Machines

A cup of distilled vinegar is the best solution for cleaning off all the dirt and bad odors of dishwashers and washing machines. To keep them clean and shiny, make the machines empty, pour vinegar into them and keep them switched ON for some time.

So, what are you waiting for? Just start cleaning to have a neat and clean home and make people admire you!

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