Planning for Beach Vacation – 10 Tips for Pregnant Women


Going on a vacation is always something good when pregnant. It helps to relieve some of the pregnancy complications.

There are different vacations that you may consider and one of the best is a beach vacation. The calmness, freshness and beautiful scenery associated with beaches are good not only for your mind and body but to the growing fetus as well.

However, going on a beach vacation when pregnant requires proper planning. The activities you engage in are also important. The following 10 tips should help you to plan for a memorable and enjoyable beach vacation when pregnant.

1. Beach Destination

You need to choose your vacation beach destination with a lot of care. It is very important that you avoid far destinations because of the risk of spending long hours on the road or a long-haul flight. This is because a far destination will most likely not be comfortable, which may impact negatively on you for all the days you will be away. As a general rule, choose a beach destination that will take you either two hours on the road or three hours by air at most.

More importantly, a beach destination you choose should have the facilities you may need in case of an emergency. Medical facilities and shops should be easy to access. It is also necessary that you avoid beach destinations in areas that require vaccinations. This is because some vaccinations are not good during pregnancy.

2. Company

Never go on a beach vacation alone. Plan to go with your spouse, partner or a few friends. The other thing you need to avoid is to go on a beach vacation in the company of friends who are all pregnant. You never know when you may need help while on a beach vacation in the company of pregnant friends may not be appropriate.

The person or people you choose to go with should be those who understand you well. They should know if you are taking prescribed medications and if you need any form of special care. This is important because it can be very enticing while on the beach and you are most likely to go overboard in everything you will do.

3. Sensible Packing

Like with going on any vacation, going on a beach vacation when pregnant requires packing that makes sense. This is not the time to pack heavy or light. You need to pack taking into account any unforeseen weather changes at your planned destination.

As a general rule, pack a combination of a few heavy and light clothing. All the shoes you pack you ideally are flat and light. Slip-on shoes will certainly serve you well. Pairs of both heavy and light socks should be part of packing. A travel pillow that you may use as a headrest or support your back during travel is a must have. A wide cap and water bottles should complete your packing.

4. When to Go

When to go on a beach vacation when pregnant is important. A wrong decision on timing will simply ruin your vacation.

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It is important to undertake some research to know the prevailing and expected weather conditions at your planned destination. This will help to make your stay an enjoyable one.

It is also very important that you secure accommodation in good time. The place where you will be putting up should ideally be located in an area where you will access medical assistance if necessary.

Most importantly, do not go on a beach vacation or any other vacation when your delivery date is approaching. Going on a beach vacation is appropriate when you are in either first or second trimester. It can be very challenging to travel, leave alone going on a vacation, during the last three months (third trimester) of pregnancy.

5. The Journey

The journey to your planned beach vacation should be an enjoyable one. You really need to avoid arriving at your destination tired and exhausted.

The type of clothing you wear during the journey will make a big difference. You may wear heavy or light clothing depending on prevailing weather conditions during the journey. Do not hesitate to add on or remove some clothing just to remain comfortable.

It will also serve you well if you have regular stops in the course of your journey to rest. This particular applies if you plan to travel by road. You will need to stop after every hour of driving to stretch your muscles. This will help to minimize the development of leg cramps, swelling, and heartburn.

6. What to Do

Going on a vacation gives you different options in terms of activities you can engage in. A beach vacation, in particular, gives you many of such options. However, not all activities will be good for your pregnancy.

You will need to restrict yourself to swimming and snorkeling. These are very safe when pregnant. You also choose to go boat riding just to enjoy the scenery from the water. Another good way to enjoy the beach is to lie down under a tree or shade and simply take in the environment and activities going on around. You may also choose to enjoy your favorite book or novel.

Going on a beach vacation should not restrict you to the beach. Take some time to venture away from the beach as well. Pay visits to neighboring villages just to learn about the lifestyle of the locals. Visits to amusement parks (if any) and the local town or city will make your stay an enjoyable one.

7. What Not to Do

Your common sense should always prevail when going on a beach vacation when pregnant. You really need to avoid engaging in activities that are dangerous to your pregnancy.

Horse riding, snowboarding, climbing, windsurfing and scuba diving are a no go to activities. These activities are not only dangerous but exert a lot of pressure on your body, which can easily affect your growing baby.

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Although very enticing, you need to avoid the hot tub and sauna. This is because of the risk of overheating, which can seriously affect your pregnancy.

8. Rest

Engaging in safe activities during your vacation is not only good for you but to your pregnancy as well. However, the amount of time and energy you spend on such activities matters a lot.

Engaging in activities for long hours can take a serious toll on your body. You will not only lose a lot of energy; your body muscles will also be painful. Indeed, you may find it difficult to attain quality sleep.

Moderation is important while on the beach during pregnancy. You are free to engage in any of the safe activities but need to stop whenever you feel you are beginning to become tired. The best thing you need to do is to withdraw, clean yourself and simply lie down to rest.

9. The Food

You will certainly find different food stuff at your planned beach traveling destination. While you may be used to some of the food, others may turn out to be new food stuff.

It will be beneficial to stick to food stuff that you know. This is because eating unknown foodstuff can cause you problems. However, this does not mean that you need to avoid all new food stuff. Eat new foods that you know will not affect you or your growing baby in any way. A good way to go about doing this is to ask. Your hosts will certainly be aware of your pregnancy and will give you the right information.

One thing you will need to ensure is proper hydration. The temperature in beach areas is usually high, which can make you dehydrated. You really need to drink a lot of safe drinking water in addition to eating a lot of local fruits if available.

10. Dealing with Attention

Pregnant women are often the center of attention. The attention can be overwhelming while on the beach. The one thing you need to know is that the attention is usually not bad. Indeed, most of the attention is always to find out if you need any form of assistance.

Therefore, this is not the time to feel embarrassed but instead, relish the attention. Enjoy the spotlight and accept a seat when offered or when doors are opened for you. You simply need to appreciate and acknowledge the kindness you are bound to receive.

Going on a beach vacation when pregnant requires adequate planning and information on what to expect at your planned destination. The above tips should help you to plan, identify the right destination and know when to go. The tips should also help you to know what to do and what not to do to make your vacation a memorable one.

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