7 Things a New Mom Expects From Her Partner

Although moms go through various challenges right from when they conceive, the situation after the arrival of the baby is more challenging. The immediate post-baby period presents moms with both emotional and physical challenges that can be hard to overcome, especially if they have uncaring and unwilling partners. The regular movements in an effort to satisfy a baby’s needs coupled with holding of the baby in the first few weeks simply leaves a mom physically exhausted. Such moms wish bedtime to arrive fast so that they may have the much-needed rest.

Apart from physical challenge, moms also have to contend with emotional challenges. The sleepless nights, temporary loss of figure, general discomfort and the need to balance her time and ensure that her partner too has her attention is simply overwhelming. It is at this time that moms expect their partners to undertake several measures aimed at easing their physical burden and provide emotional support.

Moms expect the following of their partners:

  • Help them cope with low self-esteem – Moms with small babies lose shape, confidence and their sex appeal. The simple thought that their partners no longer find them sexually attractive is bound to affect them negatively. If not managed, they can easily develop low self-esteem, which can drain them emotionally. They therefore expect their partners to be there for them and share in their situation. Male partners who understand this need help their women go through the post-baby period without any difficulties.
  • Physical help – Handling and caring for a baby is very tasking. It simply leaves moms energy drained. During this period, moms will definitely appreciate a helping hand. How happy can they be than receiving the same from their partners? Forward-looking male partners should understand this need long before the baby’s arrival and help without being requested to do so.
  • Love – This is perhaps the most important expectation that moms look forward to receiving from their partners. A surface love drives a mom wild with frustration. They expect that despite their loss of shape and sexual appeal; their partners will still be around them, showering them with romantic love and understanding of their situation.
  • Sharing – Moms naturally create a bond between them and their babies long before babies are born. On giving birth, this bond is further strengthened. Moms expect their partners to share with them this bond by creating a triangular relationship so to speak. The sharing is not limited to relationship with the baby. Moms expect their partners to be around them and listen to their stories and frustrations if any. This is very important in assisting moms fight any stress build up.
  • Gifts – Gifts play a major role in boosting moms’ confidence. Male partners who know how to choose appropriate gifts have used the same to their advantage. The shear act of bringing forth a baby after a tiresome nine months definitely deserves appreciation and moms expect their partners to appreciate them with gifts, including for the baby.
  • Baby needs – Although a mom may be in a position to buy all that a baby requires, she expects her partner to do so. It is interesting that this is something that male partners fail to understand why.
  • Fatherly love – Moms do look forward to bringing up their children in the right way right from childhood. To be able to achieve this, they expect their partners to show fatherly love to their children and at the same time be the disciplinarians.
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Male partners who understand these mom expectations have played their part effectively and ensured not only stable marriages but also well brought up disciplined children.

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