Birth Control – Facts You Must Know

Science has made plenty of breakthroughs in the medical field in recent decades, that includes birth control. Birth control is a term that is used to describe techniques to prevent fertilization and to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. It includes contraception, and abortion. For educational purposes, we will focus more on contraception.

People often associate birth control with pills and condoms. It is important to make the correct choice because your health and protection against disease will depend on it. Always remember that any method will work if you’re using it consistently and correctly, without fail.
The type of birth control you’ll use is dependent on your needs. Do you want to prevent pregnancy? Do you want to protect yourself from diseases? (There are sexually transmitted infections that can be passed by having unprotected sex such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).) Think about what it means to your overall health, how often you have sex with your partner, the number of sex partners that you have and what’s your comfort level. The chances of getting pregnant are lowered if the method that you choose is used properly every time. We will talk about a few facts about birth control to widen your understanding but we
will not talk about all of them. You can find that out by visiting your family doctor.

One of your options is complete abstinence. Yes, you read that right. No method of birth control is truly 100% effective. But this is it. The risk of getting pregnant or catching an STI is larger than getting any pleasure from sex so you can always choose this option. The best method to avoid getting pregnant, impregnating anyone or catching an STI is to not have sex at all!
Barrier methods such a diaphragm and condoms prevent pregnancy by blocking the sperm. It must be used each and every time you have sex, no excuses. For diaphragms and cervical caps, a woman must visit her doctor to get fitted for one. Condoms, on the other hand, are a good choice for men. It’s inexpensive and widely available. This is a good choice if you and your partner are also having sex with other people. Out of all the other barrier methods, condoms can offer protection against STIs.
Another widely accepted method is the birth control pill. This is taken orally, meaning you take it by mouth. You’ll have to take this every day for it to work effectively. But there are side effects such as nausea, acne, increased blood pressure, breast tenderness, weight gain and bloating. However not every woman will have side effects. This is on case to case basis so you might want to try several types of birth control pills before you find the type that will work for you.
If you would prefer natural family planning, it’s acceptable too. It will require a couple to learn the woman’s menstrual cycle in advance. They will have to stop four days before her period starts and then two days after her ovulation. To prevent pregnancy, you can use a barrier method like condoms or choose not to have sex at all. This requires planning and commitment as well. Withdrawal method might be included in our options but it’s not highly advisable. The withdrawal method is not that effective because it still leaves fluid in a woman’s body that is enough to cause a pregnancy. It won’t protect you from STIs either.
Birth control methods work best if they’re used correctly and consistently every single time you have sex. You must be aware of how to use them. Talk to your doctor to find out more information. There’s no need to be embarrassed because they’re used to advising their patients about it. The best way to find out about anything is to simply ask. If you want to protect yourself and to prevent any complications in your future then it is your choice to make the correct decision on what you’re going to put into your body. Ask your doctor about the best birth control for you.

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    Thanks for all the information. It is really very helpful and is of great use too.I feel that one must not use this birth control pills often as they do have many side effects.

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