4 Proven Diet Tips For Lactating Mothers (Breastfeeding)

Lactation period is the most important period of your baby’s life. Depending on the way you breastfeed your child, it may grow to become a strong healthy baby or a weakling. It is only unfortunate that some lactating mothers abandon natural lactation, opting for artificial ways of feeding their infant babies. Such women fail to appreciate the fact that breasting infants for the first six months without any other additional food ensures that an infant develops a very strong immune system. It is true that infants properly breastfed are less susceptible to diseases and illnesses. They rarely experience health problems while growing up. If you appreciate the importance of breastfeeding, you not only take pride in breastfeeding your infant but also enjoy doing so, establishing a strong bond between you and your baby.

Because the milk that you feed your baby on is the ideal food during the first six months of its life, your kind of diet comes into clear focus. You need to restrict to a diet for breastfeeding mothers. It should be nutritious enough to ensure that the resultant milk is also nutritious. This does not mean that you incur heavy expenses in the process of breastfeeding. Suitable foods for breastfeeding need not be expensive. Those available from your local grocery store should do.

To ensure that you take care of your health and diet, consider eating a mothers diet composed of the following:

  • Water – Water is a very important ingredient in a diet for mothers. Increase your water intake by at least one quart per day. You are likely to notice that you become thirsty during meals. This is because part of the water you normally drink goes directly to milk production. By increasing your water intake, you will be providing enough for both your own body need and for milk production.
  • Calories – Breast milk production takes up part of your calories. After delivery, milk production obtains the necessary production energy from the fat built up while you were pregnant. Because this will be exhausted in the end, it is only important that you increase your calorie intake. Consider eating whole grains in order to meet calorie demand.
  • Fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are vital to you as a breast feeding mother. These contain vital vitamins, minerals, essential oils and fatty acids that you will pass o to your baby through breast milk. These elements are vital in building your baby’s immune system. In order to ensure that you obtain requisite elements, ensure that your mothers breast feeding diet is composed of varied fruits and vegetables. You may consider using vitamin and iron supplements just in case you do not have access to the same.
  • Fats – Your body definitely needs fat, but not just any fat for a breastfeeding mother. It is vital to restrict yourself to healthy fats such as Olive oil and Canola oils. Note that unhealthy fats alter the composition of your breast milk, which will not be good for your baby’s health. Plan for a lactating mothers diet cooked with healthy oils.
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Ideally, a diet for feeding mothers should be well balanced to allow for adequate production and supply of breast milk. Because what you consume will pass through your milk to your baby, there are important points that you should always keep in mind as a breastfeeding mother:

  • Avoid stimulating substances during lactation period. Substances like caffeine and alcohol will pass from your blood into your breast milk and on to your baby, which can cause health problems. Opt for healthy fruity drinks instead.
  • Avoid dieting during lactation period. You may undertake dieting measures that produce a negative effect on your breast milk production and affect the health of your baby.
  • Avoid red meat. Go for fish instead. Eating fish will also ensure that you obtain vital oils.
  • Contaminants – Take care of contaminants, especially when buying fruits and vegetables. Obtain information on where your grocer obtains his/her supplies and whether the source practices safe agricultural farming techniques. Eating fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals can have adverse effects on your baby’s health.

In planning your mothers diet, ensure that you take your own health and diet needs into account. Keep it simple as taking care of your baby and lactating can be very expensive.

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