Easy Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

So you had ovulation and successfully attained pregnancy. You have so far managed to cope with the varied pregnancy symptoms and cared for your pregnancy to the third trimester. By instinct, your mind switches to preparing for your baby’s arrival. You ensure that the home or room environment is conducive. That is not all. The arrival of the baby brings along added responsibility that is vital for its survival, breast feeding. Although your body naturally produces breast milk once you deliver, breastfeeding is not by instinct. Breastfeeding is an art you have to learn for the benefit of your baby. This is especially true for first time mums who may not know how to prepare.

Note that breast milk is very important in the first six months of your baby’s life. Professional baby care givers recommend breast feeding milk alone for the first six months before you can introduce any other food. This helps in the building of your baby’s immune system and thus prevention of varied diseases and illnesses. Just before your baby’s arrival, you need to have several things in place. You need to shop for and buy an appropriate breast pump. This will serve you in two ways; you can start using it a few days before you deliver to get your breasts used to the suckling rhythm. A breast pump will also be useful in case you will need to go back to work. You will be able to obtain your breast milk and leave it behind to be fed to the baby in your absence.

Various types of breast pumps are available including electric breast pump. You may need to visit a lactation consultant to advise you on the best breast pump to buy, such as madela breast pump. You also need to invest in a good breastfeeding pillow. The importance of breastfeeding pillow lies in the fact that it allows your breasts to be raised, allowing for smooth and easy flow of your breast milk while the baby sucks. Because your breasts will be larger than usual, you will not be able to wear your usual or maternity bra. Buy a pair of fitting breast feeding bras. Because you will be wearing breast feeding bras to avoid squeezing your breasts, there is no point of wearing inappropriate dresses. You may continue wearing your maternity dress or buy another loose dress that does not tighten your breasts.

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Apart from breast feeding bras, breast pump and maternity dress, your diet during lactation period is vital. It is important to design a healthy breastfeeding diet knowing that the value of your breast milk relies heavily on the value of your diet. You need to design a healthy breastfeeding diet composed of healthy foods rich in minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients. Note that breast feeding baby brings along some problems you need to deal with. While breast feeding bras will take care of engorged (overfull) breasts, you need to prepare to deal with mastitis and sore breastfeeding nipples. This is where a breast pump should come in handy; use it to obtain your breast milk so that you can breast feed your baby through a bottle.

Feeding your baby on your breast milk should be paramount for the first six months. Most first time mothers find it a problem feeding their babies in public. To make it comfortable, invest in a breastfeeding cover that provides for some level of privacy. It is important that you set a feeding breast routine that you need to stick to throughout your lactation period.

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