Diabetes During Pregnancy is Potentially Dangerous – Know Why!

Attaining and sustaining pregnancy is not only a joy to an organized couple; it specifically causes a lot of joy in you as the expecting mother. You certainly make necessary steps to ensure that your unborn baby’s health and yours is in top condition to allow for safe delivery. While women with less medical conditions will find it easy coping with pregnancy, you are faced with many health challenges if you happen to be diabetic. Being diabetic requires that you seek medical attention immediately you notice signs of pregnancy. This is important for the necessary pregnancy and pregnancy related tests to ascertain your health condition and your capacity to sustain pregnancy.

Seeking medical attention immediately you notice signs of pregnancy will make it possible for your doctor or healthcare provider to discover if you are likely to develop pregnancy induced diabetes, which requires regular medical attention. Apart from the regular and common pregnancy problems that you certainly will have to deal with, becoming pregnant with diabetes poses additional health challenges:

  • Risk to your health and health of fetus – Being diabetic certainly means you are dealing with such problems as excess sweating and vision problems. Attaining pregnancy worsens your condition, which poses a risk to your health and that of the fetus.
  • Miscarriage and premature birth – Attaining pregnancy while having diabetes 2 increases the risk of miscarrying the fetus or in case you sustain it, premature birth.
  • Birth defects – Diabetes increases the chances of giving birth to a baby with defects, including type 1 diabetes.

Because of the above complications and the need to stay healthy during your pregnancy, it is important that you prepare well in advance before you attain pregnancy. The major preparing you need to undertake is to ensure that your blood glucose level is under control, something you will need to continue doing in the course of your pregnancy. Because of this, you need o start working closely with your doctor for professional advice, including diet for diabetes that you can embark on.

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The fact that you are not be diabetic should not mean that you can not develop diabetes with pregnancy. Many women who have never been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus only come to be diagnosed with diabetes when they fall pregnant, in this case referred to as gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes comes about when your body no longer receives enough insulin because of your pregnancy. You are likely to develop this gestational condition if you have a close relative with diabetes, if you are overweight or if you have suffered gestational diabetes before. This conditions shows like other diabetes symptoms.

While you may be taking diabetes pills in managing your condition, becoming pregnant requires that you stop using the same for the health of the fetus. Your doctor should be in a position to inform you accordingly. Regardless of what type of diabetes you have during your pregnancy, insulin is usually the first line of treatment. It may be necessary to effect changes in the type and amount of insulin you are treated with in case you were already on insulin.

With the readily available information on the management of diabetes mellitus, you are in a position to manage it even without the need for treatment medications. You need to follow diet for diabetes that ensures that you eat foods and drinks that do not increase your blood glucose levels. Exercises are very important because of the capacity to burn and release excess fat and sugar.

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