5 Proven Diet Tips to Get Pregnant Quickly

Your body heavily depends on the kind of foods and drinks you consume on a daily basis. Regularly consuming unhealthy foods and drinks simply leads to poor health as your body’s immune system becomes weak. Once weakened, you become highly susceptible to common diseases. With healthy foods and drinks however, your immune system receives vital minerals, vitamins and amino acids that help in preventing the occurrence of common illnesses. Sticking to healthy foods and drinks also enables your body to process the necessary energy for everyday tasks.

No where does your diet becomes crucial as when you plan to get pregnant. Note that pregnancy comes along with many challenges that can overwhelm you in case yours is unhealthy diet. It is therefore crucial to plan for a healthy diet and stick to the same several months before you attempt to attain pregnancy. Knowing that your baby will have its own nutrition demands, you need to plan for a diet that contains adequate nutrients sufficient both for you and your growing baby.

1. Eat Grains

It is important to point that while need approximately 2,100 calories on a single day without pregnancy; you will need approximately 2,500 calories to effectively cope with pregnancy and your daily tasks. You therefore need to work on ways of increasing calorie levels gradually until you attain pregnancy. In order to build up on your calorie levels, resort to eating whole grains instead of refined grains.

2. Folic Acid

Both vitamins and minerals are vital ingredients for good health and body development. Your baby will also need these for proper growth and development. In particular, you need to embark on a diet rich in vitamin 9 (Folic acid). Folic acid is crucial before and after attaining pregnancy. Your baby will require this vitamin especially in the first three months for development of a strong nervous system. Folic acid will also be important in preventing neural defects in your baby, including congenital malfunctions such as cleft palate. Such foods as beans, green vegetables, fruit and fruit juices, lentils and rice are very good sources of folic acid and should form your diet.

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3. Include Iron in Your Diet

The fact that your body will require increased amounts of iron means that you need to start building up the same before you attain pregnancy. Note that iron is necessary for formation of blood, which will supply your baby with nutrients through the placenta. Good sources of iron include green vegetables, and whole bread.

4. Zinc & Calcium

Both zinc and calcium are crucial in the development of embryo and you need to eat varied foods to build up on their amounts in your body. One very important vitamin that you cannot ignore when planning a diet for pregnancy is vitamin C. Vitamin C does not only prevent clotting but also plays an important role of encouraging movement of sperms into your uterus. By sticking to a healthy diet rich in not only the above mentioned nutrients but others too will see you cope easily with pregnancy. You will as a matter of fact need not use supplements. You will find dealing with adverse pregnancy symptoms very easy.

5. Involve Your Partner

Because you are not the only person responsible for pregnancy, it is important for your male partner to also look at his diet and make necessary changes if need be. It is a fact that a man’s health plays a major role in his level of fertility. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake and excessive exposure to hot tubs have a direct impact on a man’s sperm quality, which can prevent pregnancy. Because some men do not know about these factors, it is your responsibility to educate your man to change in order for you to attain a healthy pregnancy.

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Apart from lifestyle changes, you need to ensure that your partner regularly consumes a healthy diet. Note that your partner also needs ample supply of vitamin 9 (Folic acid). Low levels of folic acid in a man’s diet leads to abnormal production of sperms. You also need to ensure that your partner consumes a diet rich in vitamins E and C. While vitamin E is responsible for producing hormones that activate production of sperms, vitamin C helps in preventing clotting, which allows sperms to flow freely into your uterus. In addition, you need to ensure that your partner’s diet contains zinc and selenium minerals. While zinc is responsible for good health of the testes, selenium is necessary for sperm cell wall integrity.

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