3 Easy Tips To Get Pregnant Naturally

“I want a baby!” I have a friend who really wants to conceive. She’s been married to a wonderful husband of three years but she still doesn’t have a baby to show for it. It saddens me that this beautiful, compassionate woman is not yet blessed with a child who will benefit from her love. To make her feel better, I actually compiled some tips to help her on how to conceive.

For a woman who is interested in getting pregnant, you must learn about your reproductive health to begin your crucial step into pregnancy and then motherhood. During each of your menstrual cycles, you have a small amount of time (2-3 days at least) in which your body is very fertile. You can use an ovulation prediction kit or fertility monitor to know. It will improve your chances of getting pregnant because you can keep an eye on your most fertile periods.
Before you start trying to get pregnant, you must see also your doctor as soon as possible. You must schedule a regular check-up with an OB/GYN or medical provider to maintain your health. Untreated infections, sexually transmitted diseases or poor health may affect your chances. Body weight concerns also play a role. If you’re underweight or overweight then it can disrupt your menstrual cycle. Too much fat is bad. Too little fat is bad. You must be aware that your body needs to be healthy to support pregnancy so you must find your ideal body weight.
It is also very important that you shouldn’t smoke, drink alcohol or abuse drugs if you want to get pregnant. This is simple common sense. It affects your fertility and unborn child. It’s important to stop smoking and using drugs before getting pregnant. You don’t want an unhealthy baby, do you?

1. Enjoy Your Sex Life

Here’s another piece of great advice! You must have sex at least three times a week. Plenty of regular sex means better chances of getting pregnant. They don’t have to have sex every ovulation. They can do this even outside of the ovulation period. Sometimes couples get confused about the best time to have sex because they think that they should do it whenever she’s in her ovulation period. Not true. As we found out earlier, a woman has a small amount of time every month to get pregnant. That’s two or three days at the most. After a woman ovulates, her egg cell will survive for only 24 hours. A man’s sperm can live up to three to five days. That’s why having sex at least two to three days before the ovulation period increases their chances of conceiving.
Don’t treat sex like an ordinary part of the routine though! Have lots of enjoyable sex. This is the time to give plenty of love to your partner and to find out what pleases both of you. Spice things up like planning a romantic evening or experimenting with new techniques. How you’re feeling, sexually speaking, can factor into your chances of getting pregnant. Don’t try to get up after your romp and allow yourself to relish your orgasm and relax. (Orgasms increase your chances of getting pregnant! You’re now allowed to have as many as you want!)
Have sex in positions that keeps sperm inside the vagina longer like the missionary position. It’s a great way for your man to penetrate as deeply as possible. That means that it will assist his semen to get as close to your cervix as possible. Technically speaking, the deeper it goes the better the chances of getting pregnant. Rear entry positions are advisable as well. It’s because the man can thrust deeper into his partner allowing his semen to reach the cervix faster. This will also help in making sure that the sperm won’t die in the process of travelling inside a woman’s body to fertilize the egg. Couples can also try to have side-by-side sex for more intimacy and better penetration. It will also help in maintaining a good communication line with your partner. Isn’t it amazing that you can whisper together how you’re making the baby together?

2. Add Exercise in Your Daily Routine

Aside from sex, you can try to be physically active to build and maintain your muscles that will assist at keeping their blood sugar in healthy levels. Try activities that build and maintain muscles such as resistance training, hiking and climbing. Or how about aerobic exercise like yoga, Pilates and light jogging? It’s fine to have some physical activities to maintain your health.

3. Diet for Pregnancy

With good exercise comes good nutrition. They must have nutritional excellence. Improve your diet by eating servings of fruits, vegetables, grains and calcium-rich foods like milk. Caffeine consumption may affect your fertility so gradually cut it back to be on the safe side. Fish is a healthy option but avoid fish that have high mercury levels because it’s dangerous for your baby. Examples include shark, king mackerel, tilefish and swordfish. Eat low-mercury fish like salmon and canned light tuna once or twice a week because it’s still good for you. On the other hand, processed meat should be eaten in small amounts. Raw meats should be avoided completely. Consult your doctor for vitamins to boost your health and provide extra resources for your body to get a boost on your endeavor.
It sounds terribly complicated to get pregnant but it takes some common sense. Stop your contraception, have lots of sex, eat right, exercise right and have a good mindset! Think positively. Sometimes when you stop trying to win, you’ll hit the jackpot.

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