4 Factors to Know if its Right Time To Get Pregnant

When is it the right time to have a baby? This is a common question amongst newly married women and the usual answer is usually when one is prepared. While you may take the term ‘preparedness’ as simple as it sounds, it involves a lot. It is a fact that you look forward to bringing up your baby in the best way you can and you would not wish to have the baby when you face various challenges. The following factors should determine the time right to have a baby:

  • Consent – This is one thing that most newly married or in a relationship fail to take seriously. While you have a strong urge to have a baby, your man may not be financially or emotionally ready to receive a   baby. Your man’s agreement that it is the right time to have a baby is very important. Express to him your desire and hear what he has to say. Simply informing him that you are pregnant can drive your marriage or relationship into serious troubles.
  • Financial stability – Being pregnant can be very expensive. If you engaged in work, a time definitely comes when you can no longer continue working. Depending on the work, you may have reduced earnings that may not be enough to cover all your financial needs, unless you have come into an agreement with your man on how you are going to manage. Taking care of the baby when it arrives is also expensive. Apart from food and the physical needs, you will need to set aside a certain amount of cash to take care of unforeseen medical conditions (you may also develop health problems after giving birth).
  • Emotional stability – You need to have a baby when you are emotionally stable. Emotional preparedness is vital not only to you; the health and health of your growing baby will be affected by your emotional condition. Your man too needs to be emotionally prepared long before you become pregnant. Both of you will need to adjust to the changes that come along with pregnancy and the arrival of the baby. As part of your emotional preparedness, both of you need to communicate effectively while being open to each other.
  • Physical stability – Your physical health is very important when you need to decide whether it is the right time to have baby or not. Remember that the primary physical responsibility lies with you as the one going to carry the baby. You will need to consider reducing your weight in case you are overweight. You need to pay close attention to your diet by eating and drinking healthy foods and drinks rich in varied vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and vital amino acids. You also need to undertake physical exercises to obtain physical fitness and strength. Your man also needs to take certain measures that will ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy, including avoiding alcoholic drinks and drugs that can interfere with normal sperm production.
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Although you may work on the above to make it the right time to have baby, you may not conceive as fast as you would wish. For this reason, you may need to take measures that increase your chances of obtaining pregnancy. Most women struggle to keep fertility charts to help them in knowing when they are most fertile to have sex with the purpose of obtaining pregnancy. You can save yourself from this by simply increasing your sex frequency. At least have sex three times in a week. Perform sex in positions that encourage your man’s sperm to stay in you for long. Certain sex positions simply encourage sperms to flow out of you. Above all, ensure that you have enjoyable sex.

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