Good Positions for Breast Feeding

Although breast-feeding is a natural act, it is a technique that you need to learn in order to breast-feed your baby effectively. To do this, you need to ascertain the most comfortable position for both you and your baby. To get a comfortable position, you need to consider the following three B’s:

  • Your body – You need to be comfortable as much as possible while breast-feeding. Your body should be in relaxed position without bending over while the baby is suckling. The trick is to bring your baby to your breast rather than the other way round. To achieve this, use a comfortable chair with armrests. Employ the use of pillows to support your arms to avoid tiredness.
  • Your breasts – You need to support your breast while the baby is suckling. Do this by using your free hand. Place four fingers below the breast with the thumb over the breast.
  • Your baby – Make your baby as comfortable as possible while he/she is suckling. Do not let him/her bend while doing so. Support the head, neck and back with your arm. If you need, use pillows. It is only by being comfortable that he/she will be able to breast-feed happily.

Note that it is unwise to interrupt your baby’s breast-feeding. It is therefore necessary to prepare yourself for breast-feeding session. You need to relax mind and concentrate on feeding your baby. Your baby should decide when to stop breast-feeding once he/she has had enough. Below are some good breast-feeding positions you can try out before establishing which one your baby prefers:

  • Cradle hold position – This position requires that your baby’s neck rest on your arm’s crook. It requires that you sit in a chair with armrests to provide your arms with support. Let your baby sit on your lap before lying on your arm. This is a perfect breast-feeding position that allows for direct eye contact with your baby, in effect building a strong bond between the two of you. This position is appropriate for mature babies.
  • Crossover hold position – This position resembles cradle hold position except that you use both of your arms. With the baby’s neck on your arm’s cradle, you use the other hand to bring the baby’s head close to your breast, sort of turning him/her towards you. This position is appropriate for young infants.
  • Clutch hold position – This position requires that you lie on the bed on your side. Tuck the baby under your arm with his/her head resting on your folded arm at the elbow. Use you other hand to bring the baby to your breast, taking great care to avoid bringing him/her very close to avoid suffocation. You may be forced to breast-feed your baby in this position if you delivered through caesarean section.
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The three breast-feeding positions are the best in which your baby can breast-feed. Remember that you need to prepare to breast-feed by making sure that both you and your baby are comfortable and not interrupted. Proceed and find out which breast-feeding position your baby prefers and feels comfortable in while feeding.

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