How to Choose Diapers for Your Baby

There is no question as to whether your baby needs diapers or not. He/she certainly needs them before he/she learns the ropes on how to use a potty. This in effect means that you will buy very many diapers until such a point that your baby can comfortably use a potty. How do you go about choosing the right diapers for your baby? Note that you have two options: to either buy disposable one or those made of cloth. While some women prefer disposable ones, others restrict themselves to buying cloth diapers. Why is this so? It may be necessary to try out both before you finally choose what according to you the best is. Let us have a look at each of them:

  • Disposable diapers – Buy a small package of newborn size disposable diapers. Note that although various brands are available, they all have the same features such as room for expansion. Test the same on your baby and see if he/she is comfortable in them. Establish the degree of leak protection (absorbency level).
  • Cloth diapers – Various types of cloth diapers that you can buy. You have the option of picking those with Velcro waterproof covers and pins/plastic clips or all-in-one cloth diapers without pins. Whichever you choose, try it on your baby and check for comfort and absorbency. After use, wash and let it dry. Calculate the time a cloth diaper takes to dry.

After testing both diapers, you may need to consider your baby’s bowel movement frequency. This is important because you it will show the number of disposable diapers used daily or the number of washing you will need to undertake daily. Note that you are not restricted to buying either disposable or cloth diapers, you can always buy both in different quantities or packages.

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Tips for Buying Diapers

Use the following tips to help you in buying diapers:

  • Make a decision on whether to buy disposable, cloth or a mixture of both diapers. Note that the price of disposable diapers is always on the higher side, compared to that of cloth diapers. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Although expensive, disposable diapers offer convenience that cloth diapers do not offer. On the other hand, cloth diapers are more comfortable compared to disposable diapers. You baby will certainly feel good in them.
  • Note that while disposable diapers are available in different sizes, cloth diapers are adjustable. Going for disposable diapers will mean buying different sizes as your baby grows.
  • In choosing the right type of diaper to buy, you now have a different version of disposable diapers at your disposal as well. These are environmentally friendly unlike the regular ones. This type does not leak at all.
  • If you opt for cloth diapers, note that you can fold them in three different ways to fit your baby. You can make gauze fold, pre-fold or bird eye fold. You will need to try the different folds to see which one works best on your baby.
  • Note that cloth diapers are not merely made of cloth. Latest cloth diapers are either made of laminated polyurethane or hemp fibers, which are very good absorbents.

Now that you know what type and form of diapers are at your disposal, you are in a good position to choose the right one to by. Even as you do so, one thing should be at the top of your mind, your baby’s comfort.

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