15 Easy Tips To Deal With Pregnancy Symptoms (Trimester Wise)

Your planned pregnancy definitely brings a lot of joy to you and your family. Planned because getting pregnant when you are not prepared for the same can cause you unnecessary stress that will not only affect you healthwise but have a negative attitude towards the pregnancy as well. Preparation for pregnancy is vital because dealing with pregnancy symptoms can be a great challenge. While you can easily manage normal pregnancy symptoms, some can be overwhelming and knowing how to deal with the same is vital. Since different phases or trimesters of pregnancy bring different pregnancy symptoms, it is only better to have a look at them that way so that you can prepare yourself well to deal with such symptoms.

First Trimester

This is the period between the first week of your pregnancy up to 12 weeks. During this period, the whole of your body undergoes a complete transformation. Hormonal changes literally affect every part and organ of your body. Apart from the cessation of menstrual flow and the onset of pms pregnancy symptoms, the other early pregnancy signs you are bound to notice include:

  • Swollen breasts with nipples sticking out – While some women experience mild pain, others do not. In case you experience pain, consider massaging your breasts with warm water every morning. This will curb the pain.
  • Morning sickness – You are likely to experience this because of stomach upset. You may or may not throw up. It will be important to evaluate yourself and ascertain what causes your stomach upset in the mornings and avoid the same. If it is breakfast, you may consider delaying taking breakfast for some hours. It is likely that you will also experience mood swings.
  • Craving/Distaste – You either develop a craving or distaste for particular foods. While you will naturally avoid those that you have distaste for, be careful because such foods may be very important for your baby’s development and growth. Consider mixing such important foods with those that you prefer.
  • Constipation – This is one of the common pregnancy symptoms you are likely to experience during the first trimester. Consider increasing intake of water. In addition, make it a routine to include fruits and vegetable in your diet for not only the vital nutrients but also the important fiber.
  • Weight gain or loss – While pregnancy weight gain and loss are normal pregnancy symptoms, extreme of either needs medical attention because of the apparent risks.
  • Flatulence – One of the signs of pregnancy, flatulence is normal. However, too much gas can be a problem. What you need to do is examine your diet and identify a particular food responsible for the same.
  • Headaches – Headache is one of the early pregnancy signs. It usually accompanies morning sickness in most women. You can manage the same along with morning sickness symptoms.
  • Acne – Apart from giving you pregnancy glow, progesterone and estrogen hormones can cause acne with pregnancy. While you may need to use acne creams, just ensure that the same are safe. Acne with pregnancy should however clear without any medication as your pregnancy progresses.
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Second Trimester

This is the period between the 13th week and 28th week. It finds when your body is already used to the first signs of pregnancy. You are likely to find dealing with pregnancy easier than in early pregnancy. You are bound to feel the baby move with most of the symptoms you experienced in early pregnancy giving way to others. Such include:

  • Pain and body aches – You are likely to experience back, thigh, groin and abdominal pains. The abdominal cramps you may experience in this trimester are however different from cramps in early pregnancy. Mild exercises such as walking exercises should take care of such pain.
  • Swelling on ankles, face and fingers – While reasonable swelling of these joints is normal, be careful with those that happen suddenly. They may be a sign of preeclampsia. Report to your health care provider immediately.
  • Loss of appetite/Vomitting – While loss of appetite is one of the pregnancy signs, loss of appetite accompanied by vomiting should be a course of concern. Consult your doctor to ascertain the status of your liver.
  • Patches Of Dark Skin – Other likely pregnancy signs you are bound to experience and that are perfectly normal include patches of dark skin on your face, nose, itching on the abdomen, feet and numbness in your hands.

Third Trimester

This is the period between 29th week and 40th week. While some of the difficulties you had with pregnancy in the second trimester will be gone, others are bound to spill over into this trimester. Some of the new sickness with pregnancy challenges you are bound to deal with include:

  • Shortness of breath – This late sign of pregnancy is brought about by the fact that your baby has grown and taken up much space. You need to avoid work that requires a lot of energy and instead have a lot of rest.
  • Troubled sleep – You are bound to have troubled sleep at night. The best you can do is go to bed early and consider having a nap during the day.
  • Contractions – Early contractions will definitely be false labor. Consider spending some time walking as part of exercise.
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Dealing with pregnancy symptoms in the different trimesters is very different. Once you go through the first trimester successfully however, you should find dealing with the other symptoms in second and third trimesters easy.

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