10 Amazing Tips for Healthy Baby Massage

You personally undertake measures to ensure that you are physically fit and able to accomplish your daily activities with ease. What of your baby? Is there a need for some form of exercise for your baby? Your baby’s daily routine is either he/she is in your hands, lying in bed or sitting. This routine definitely makes your baby’s muscles tired and rigid. You can help your baby in a great way through massage. The history of baby massage can be traced many decades ago and it is still practiced by both elite and traditional mothers. The benefits of baby massage are enormous, benefits that have been confirmed by research studies so far undertaken.

From research studies, babies who receive regular massage require minimal hospitalization in case of health problems. Such babies also show more weight gain and healthy growth in general. Massage not only calms your baby but soothes as well. It is a good exercise for your baby, enabling him/her to relax and obtain quality sleep. Massage also promotes your baby’s motor activity in addition to muscle development. Naturally, massage allows your baby to have easy digestion and pass gas easily. After learning the various baby massage benefits, how then do you massage your baby? Note that massaging a baby is completely different from the way you receive your own massage treatment where varied ingredients can be used.

Tips for Baby Massage

Use the following baby massage tips in helping your baby grow well:

  • Make baby massage your personal responsibility. Do not delegate that responsibility. You are the mother and you are likely to know what may or may not hurt your baby.
  • Massage your baby at least once in a week on a particular day you have set for such. Do not fail to undertake the massage because your baby’s systems will have become used to the routine.
  • Prepare well before you undertake any baby massage session. Always have baby oil massage (vegetable oil can do), clean diapers and clothes ready.
  • Always ensure that your nails are short. Remove any bracelets or ring that can prickle your baby’s soft skin. Stick to using oil alone; do not add any other ingredient.
  • Always ensure that your hands are warm before you undertake baby massage. The temperature of the room should be appropriate because your baby will have no clothes on during the massage.
  • Do not use too much or less baby massage oil. Just use the right amount.
  • Always massage your baby lying face upwards. Massage by smooth, gentle but reasonably firm strokes with your fingers or palm. Reserve circular massage movements for the baby’s chest, stomach and upper back areas. For the shoulders, massage through strokes running across, with downward massage strokes on arms and legs. Never stroke massage arms and legs upwards. While massaging, completely avoid the spine area, from top to below.
  • Always keep your baby engaged while conducting baby massage. You can achieve this by talking or singing. Always maintain eye contact.
  • Never wake up your baby to give a massage. Do it when he/she is awake. In addition, never massage your baby just before or after breastfeeding. Choose an appropriate time.
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Baby massage is not only important but also necessary. You can start baby massage treatment right from infancy (at least at 4 weeks) until he/she attains the age of four years, a time when he/she will now be involved in various childhood activities that act as exercises.

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