8 Parenting Challenges for Single Moms

There are different reasons why you may be a single mom. It may be as simple as having a kid or kids out of wedlock. You may also end up as a single mom because of divorce or as a widow.

Regardless of the reason, you have the heavy responsibility to take care bring up the kids the best way you can. However, you need and should prepare yourself for the many challenges you are bound to face. The following are just 8 of such challenges related to the role of parenting as a single mom.

1. The Balancing Act

Single Mom

Having your partner around is very helpful when it comes to parenting. The absence of your partner puts a lot of pressure on you. You literally find it difficult to balance between work or other commitments and parenting the kids.

Your life eventually comes to revolve around your work and family matters. Unfortunately, this is bound to lead to social isolation. You are most likely to forego social activities because of limited time in your hands.

2. Financial Issues

Single Mom finance

This is probably the biggest parenting challenge that many single moms around the world face. This is unless you ended up as a single mom because of divorce, in which case your partner may have had some form of insurance in place.

You are or will most likely have a heavy financial burden. You will always want to meet the needs of the kids in terms of basic necessities and education. The bills will also keep on coming and you will need to settle them for the good of the kids.

3. Decision-Making Challenges

Being a single mom can be very hard when it comes to making decisions. The kids will be looking up to you for major decisions on almost every issue concerning their life and education. You will constantly be under pressure to make the right decisions at the right time for their good.

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The pressure to always come up with the right decisions and the right time will obviously affect you emotionally. High-stress level and depression are some of the risks associated with this challenge.

4. Sense of Guilt

You will certainly not be able to avoid the sense of guilt as a single mom. Some of the decisions you make will not always turn out to be the best decisions. Some of your decisions will fail, which will make you develop the sense and feeling of guilt.

The guilt may be extreme. This is because some of the decisions you make will inform the status of your family and healthy progress of the kids.

5. Loneliness

Loneliness is a challenge you will never avoid as a single mom regardless of how hard you try. Although you will most likely try to find ways of escaping loneliness, the kids are bound to grow.

While the girls will most likely get married, the boys will also marry and their focus will be on their own families. This will make you miss them a lot and you will always feel lonely even in the presence of others.

6. Kids’ Positive Behavioral Challenges

Kids will always be kids in every way. Some of the behavioral changes your kids will show are often difficult to handle as a single mom. Because of the absence of the father figure, the boys will unknowingly try to play the role of the father. Grown-up boys who work will try to be the provider for the family. Similarly, the girls are also bound to play the maternal role in regard to their male siblings.

Although such behavioral changes are certainly good and helpful to you, you are most likely to develop a sense of “guilt”. Indeed, you may develop the feeling that you are helpless and you will never do anything on your own.

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7. Kids’ Negative Behavioral Challenges

There is always the serious risk of kids brought up by single moms developing negative behavior. This is always the most serious challenge you are most likely to face as a single mom.

You are most likely to notice a high level of indiscipline exhibited by your kids. This will be brought up by the mere absence of the male figure around the home. The indiscipline will most likely become evident when you attempt to date a male to replace their father. This is often the case when you become a single parent when the kids are older.

8. Fatigue

The best parenting is always when there are a male and a female. The presence of a male and a female parent allows kids to borrow and learn from the two sexes. Being a single mom robs from the kids the opportunity to learn and borrow from a male figure. This can impact negatively on the kids’ emotional development.

The fact that you will be the only parent around will not only affect the kids, you will also be affected. You are bound to get exhausted on a daily basis because of the many responsibilities and tasks you have to complete. You will end up being fatigued emotionally, physically and possibly spiritually.

The challenges that single moms face can be overwhelming. You really need to find ways of dealing with the challenges regardless of why you are a single mom. You really need to identify where you can find help when it becomes necessary. This is when your best friends, other family members, and church members become important.

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