To Overcome Obesity In Children, What Parents Must Do!

Obesity in children has become a major problem these days, with more and more kids becoming unhealthy. As couples are getting more work and career oriented, they often tend to ignore their kids, leading to an uninterrupted consumption of junk food by the young ones. What parents don’t realize is that in the process, they are actually ignoring the long-term health problems that are building up in the early years of these kids. Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your kids grow up healthy, slim and fit.

Teach By Example

Kids pick up things from their parents, and so it is obvious that you need to set the right examples for your children. If you yourself are the kind of person who skips breakfast before rushing to office, and ends up eating junk food in lunch breaks, or orders food from outside for dinner because you are too lazy to cook, then soon, your kids will start doing the same. Hence, later on, blaming them for being dependent on school canteens, tinned or canned foods, or junk food etc. is not justifiable. It is best that you adopt healthy cooking practices, along with proper eating habits, so that your kids learn the same.

Be Creative And Smart

To tell kids to choose a salad over a pizza would be difficult, as they will start to throw tantrums. However, what you can do is be smart and make sure that you make pizzas with less amount of cheese and more vegetables. Similarly, make other foods healthier by manipulating the ingredients cleverly, and that will bring about a major change in your child’s health. If your child is fond of burgers, give him those with fat-free cheese slices and more lettuce, tomatoes etc. Milk can be made better by converting it into milkshakes, such as those of bananas, litchis etc. Dry fruits can be cleverly put in cakes and muffins, and green leafy vegetables can be mixed with fried snacks such as potato wedges or chicken nuggets etc. Basically, you need to manage ingredients in a way that the healthy foods compensate for the unhealthy ones, and your child gets proper nutrition without compromising on taste.

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Encourage Physical Activity

Most of the kids these days are addicted to play stations, computers, TV etc., which makes them couch potatoes. Parents should however, try their best to break these habits by taking kids out to parks. Encourage the young ones to enjoy swings, and games like Frisbee. Take them on picnics with their friends so that they develop a liking for nature and indulge in outdoor sports. Also, make them join a physical hobby or sport of their choice, such as dancing, swimming, skating, basketball etc., so that they remain fit and active. At home, keep them involved in activities such as cleaning the tables after dinner, dusting their rooms, watering plants etc. The more active they are, the better will be their metabolism, and the higher will be their fitness level.

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